Just to remind you that

  Forum Editor 11:35 12 Oct 2013

the Windows 8.1 update release will be available for download from midday on Thursday of next week - 17th October.

  rdave13 11:39 12 Oct 2013

Thank you. Is that via Windows update or the Store app?

  Forum Editor 17:15 12 Oct 2013

I'm not sure. Microsoft often provides a special download location for this kind of thing. I doubt that it will be via the regular update method, but as soon as I find out I'll let you know.

  rdave13 17:41 12 Oct 2013

Thanks again.

  iscanut 17:45 12 Oct 2013

I have read that you can upgrade via Windows Store if you are logged in with a Microsoft account and that you will also need your original product key.

  AroundAgain 08:43 13 Oct 2013

Will it be necessary to uninstall Classic Shell before downloading/installing 8.1 please?

  rdave13 16:23 13 Oct 2013

Jock1e I've done that just in case. As for iscanut2's post I can't see that you would have to input your key on a machine that has Win 8 already installed. There is no key label on these OEM PCs.

  aquatarkus 18:22 13 Oct 2013

Hi All The update will be via the windows app store, same as for the 8.1 preview. You won't need your product key to carry out this update.

If however you have the 8.1 preview installed then you will have to carry out a clean installation using your original dvd or downloaded iso image and then update via the Windows store.

It doesn't look like M/S will make a standalone ISO available for the 8.1 update unless you have an MSDN account.

Have a look here for further information click here here click here here click here

and and regards Aquatarkus

  AroundAgain 19:19 13 Oct 2013

Thanks Jock1e

I'll wait a while before upgrading. Usually helpful to wait a while, then see how it is panning out.

It's my friend who has Win 8, with Classic Shell, and she's getting on really well with it. It could be that I'll not even mention 8.1 to her - I doubt she will have heard of it so, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, eh?

Thanks for your advice

  iscanut 20:09 13 Oct 2013

rdave13..only repeating what I have read in "another" computer mag..

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