Just a rare compliment - to Microsoft (yes, I'm ducking from the fire!)

  AroundAgain 15:04 17 Mar 2013

Just had to post that I'm actually grateful to MicroSoft, in spite of all the moans and groans usually associated with Microsoft

My pc just crashed on me! Not unusual and, yes, I need to do something about that, but I had been busy in Publisher for a couple of hours but not got around to saving the file at all. Fortunately, I work from a second HHD, with Win and other programs on the main HDD, so I at least feel I won't loose everything

However, the pc took a bit of persuasion and a short rest before it would fire up again (one day it maybe won't even fire up :( ) so I was resigned to the fact I would have lost all this afternoon's work

Low and behold, Publisher opened the 'Recovered' document! Yippee! I have now saved it, and backed it up!!!

But, I just felt that, in spite of all the moans and groans re Microsoft, they do have some better features, eh?


  Forum Editor 20:15 18 Mar 2013

That facility, which works in all the MS Office apps, has saved many people a lot of heartache.

  xania 08:55 20 Mar 2013

...but the default time between saves can be a bit long (10 minutes), so go into preferences and reduce it if required. Mine, I have reset to every 1 minute, and I still don't notice it happening.

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