just pushed delete on vista

  AL47 20:08 15 Sep 2008

xp is finally going back on, put in the cd and its formatting. have had enough of updates (including no sp1) not installing, loads of extra processes, and general explorer crashes!

Spent a while backing up but its gone now!

  skidzy 20:59 15 Sep 2008

In my opinion it is a backward step,im sure the problems you have had AL can/could be rectified.

We have 4 Vista machines here,all been updated to sp1 with no problems.

I often test various pieces of software and not to mention the Anti tools availible for specialized use.
These i run with no special preparation (only a new Ati image created) so basically it can be high risk...yet i am yet to have any real problems.

My guess the reason why you are not offered sp1 is hardware related..but this will come in time.
Explorer crashing...i can only assume you have a software conflict somewhere or even corrupt data.

Shame really as i think Vista is a tough cookie,it dosnt break as easily as xp.

  chub_tor 20:59 15 Sep 2008

Some people, including myself, have had no problems with Vista and think that it is more stable than XP. I can dual boot XP or Vista and honestly can't remember the last time I looked at the XP partition. Others, like yourself, seem to have lots of problems and crashes with Vista. I guess it must be to do with the different combinations of hardware and software that we use.
Good luck with XP, hope that all your problems go away.

  AL47 21:44 15 Sep 2008

it was never really program compatibilty more driver+hardware and the updates problem.

I have vista for a good while now, I will see if there is much I miss with xp, see if the grass really is greener!

At least I can jump back relativly quickly now I have a recent backup and putting vista on is alot quicker than xp!!

  peter99co 15:27 16 Sep 2008

I had a problem with Windows Media Player and it was solved by an update to a sound card driver. The WMP worked before SP1 and not after. It was solved by a Microsoft engineer after many tests and system file exchanges by EMail. SP1 had installed even though the driver was in error as it turned out.

It is the Hardware/Software conflicts that can cause us to pull out out hair at times. There is usually an answer if you stick with it. The problem was even esculated to another engineer because the first one could not find a solution.

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