Java Critical Patch Update W10 - How do I get it?

  tallboy 23:51 19 Jan 2019

I have just run the latest version of Balarc Advisor on my 64-bit Windows 10 system. The report advises me that I need a Critical Patch Update for Java 8.0.1910.12. I have the Oracle Hotfix ID (CpuJan2019-5072801) for it, but I have (so far) been unable to download it! (And when I do, what folder should it go in?) I have set up a user account at Oracle, but since I am a home user I have no IT Professional (with Oracle qualifications) to verify my account / download. I guess the patch should (eventually) come via Microsoft Patch Tuesday, but since it is listed as Critical, is there any way to get it sooner? (Activating the Windows Update button doesn't deliver it - so far. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  KEITH 1955 11:49 20 Jan 2019

Not been funny tallboy but just wondering how long you had a pc , the reason I ask is because their are dozens of articles around saying java is a security risk , even the people who make it say so . Some websites are now finding ways to make things work without it.

I use belarc advisor but on this occasion I would ignore what it is telling you , just carry on surfing and as long as you can do what you want , forget about it.

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