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Itunes not recognizing cd burner windows 10

  julius44 09:21 29 Dec 2019

Hello and good morning to everyone. I have a little issue so I need some quick help. So I had have a windows 10 acer desktop that I have had for few years now. It works perfectly, and I had iTunes installed with no issues and cd burner working fine. Over summer I wanted to get an SSD drive installed to make it faster, so took to a shop and ssd drive installed but I was told that the cd drive could no longer be in use as I didn't have enough cd bays in the desktop, this was ok with me. Desktop works great and much faster. The guy in the shop just told me to buy an external cd burner drive which I did but never used it. So today I wish to burn some music from my iTunes library to a blank cd. I have connected the external cd drive, and opened iTunes to burn a playlist, but the messagie I get is: Disk burner or software not found I am just connecting it to a vacant usb port. But when I insert a music cd into the external drive, iTunes recognizes the cd and it has copied it to my library. So any advice please?

  john bunyan 09:58 29 Dec 2019

Open Device Manager and check for any yellow warnings Highlight cd drive and check drivers at ok.

  bremner 10:22 29 Dec 2019

Also make sure both iTunes and Windows latest updates are installed

  julius44 10:31 29 Dec 2019

Hello @John Bunyan, under device manager it shows the dvd/cd rom drives with no exclamation marks , but remember all I want to do is for iTunes to recognize the external drive to burn my playlist to cd, ad that is not happening at the moment

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:00 29 Dec 2019

have you inserted a blank CD in the drive ? Itunes should then find it, also look in preferences to change the location to burn to.

  julius44 11:17 29 Dec 2019

@fruitbat, plese can you advice me how to change the drive please? I think the external drive is now drive F

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 29 Dec 2019

Its along time since I used itunes, are you on a windows or Mac?

In iTunes, Help - Run Diagnostics. Uncheck the boxes other than DVD/CD tests.

After you have run the diagnostics what errors show? try inserting a blank disk and see if itunes finds the burner now.

  julius44 16:00 29 Dec 2019

@fruit Bat, I am using windows 10. The cd drive that came with the desktop no longer works so i have got an external drive instead. The internal cd drive does not open as it now has an SSD drive in the bay, so I have connected the the external cd burner drive drive. It is a windows 10 desktop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:02 30 Dec 2019

Have you run the diagnostics?

  julius44 17:30 10 Jan 2020

Hello and good evening. Issue FINALLY sorted. There seem to be some problems when connecting certain brands of external cd burners in windows 10. I have now connected a Liteon CD burner and itunes recognized it immediately.

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