Is it worth the money?

  ßoolian 21:17 26 Oct 2009


I have a 3 month old Novatech notebook that I have Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit loaded on

Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4ghz
500GB Hard Drive
Nvidia G105M Graphics Card

I am intrigued by Windows 7 Ultimate but I am wondering is it worth the money. I hopefully will have enough in 3 weeks time (If Amazon pricing is the same). Is it just a special launch price or will it go up by that time? Also, I have to mention that I am a student still doing my GCSE's so money is not everything but will it be spent wisely. I don't really have any gripes with vista it's just one or two things don't work with it and I like to be up to date on technology.

Thanks in advance,

  sunnystaines 21:42 26 Oct 2009

did you not get a free upgrade voucher from novatech?

  ßoolian 22:18 26 Oct 2009

I did not as I ordered it without an operating system as I already had a copy of vista at home

  morddwyd 07:58 27 Oct 2009

If you don't have any gripes with Vista don't bother.

I found it a vast improvement over Vista, which I tried to use for a week and then went back to XP.

However, if you're happy with Vista, stay with it.

  v1asco 10:01 27 Oct 2009

for Office and Windows 7 very cheap

click here

  ßoolian 18:54 27 Oct 2009


Thanks for the replys guys, I think I have found a good site click here but I cannot decide whether to get the 64 bit version or the 32 bit version. My laptop apparently supports both. I have heard rumors that the 64 bit version is not as stable as the 32 bit version but the price is the same.


  jakimo 12:11 01 Nov 2009

Read this before deciding 32 or 64bit

click here

  ßoolian 13:07 01 Nov 2009

Well, I ordered it on Wednesday and was dispatched on Friday on 32bit. I eventually took the decison on 32bit because there is a number of freeware programs on my computer and they do not run on 64 bit and some of my hardware does not either.


  Desperate-Dan 14:26 01 Nov 2009

I installed win7 Ultimate on my desktop, it wouldn't recognize my dvd-rom, my dvd-rw was ok, nero 6 wouldn't work, I googled and googled till I couldn't google no more, and still I couldn't find fix, so went back to good old xp, I have win7 on my laptop its ok, but to be honest I'd have xp any day, just my opinion

  User-1229748 14:34 01 Nov 2009

i'd say yes,to get the latest operating system that will be good for a fair few years 64bit for less than £100 is pretty good value for money although there will be many a linux user who will say otherwise :o)

  gazzaho 12:54 02 Nov 2009

The easiest, and cheapest thing to do would be to download and install the Windows 7 RC onto your computer, either as dual boot or set up as a Virtual drive on the machine. That way you could test it out and see if it suits your needs before buying it.

I set up a virtual drive on my notebook and it worked fine.

This site shows how to set it up on a virtual drive (click here)

If you download the RC version you have until March next year to try it before you have to buy. You'll also need ISO burning software in order to burn the Windows 7 RC to disk before installing, Nero will do this or there are free ISO burning programs you could google for.

I just thought it might be worth trying this method before purchasing.

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