Is it too late to save my laptop now?

  CarminaCamilla 23:20 13 Jan 2017

So basically, for the first time, I came across an error saying "Boot device not found. Please install an operating disk on your hard disk" how did that happen? Because the log in didn't set up correctly. And then, I made my laptop completely in a bad shape. I can't even do anything and turned on legacy mode. Made it worse. Now I'm stuck in "Boot device not found, install operating disk and press and key" something like that. And I'm only 15 years old. I know, I should know better but, I made a dumb move. What should I do?

  lotvic 23:52 13 Jan 2017

Boot device not found

means that it can't find your usual hard drive C: to boot into and start windows.

It may be as simple as you have left a music CD or DVD in the Optical drive and laptop is trying to boot from it. If you have a dvd optical drive that is the first thing to check.

If not then it means the hard drive has either a loose connection or other problem. If you can look in the BIOS settings look to see if the hard drive is listed/recognised. If it isn't, try taking out the hard drive and then putting it back in. There will probably be a screw to undo before you can remove the hard drive. What is the make and model of the hard drive?

  lotvic 23:54 13 Jan 2017

I have to mention the obvious, switch off the laptop before attempting to remove the hard drive.

  Burn-it 00:56 14 Jan 2017

Curiously enough I got this very message myself this morning. I just powered off waited a few seconds and powered on again and everything came up as usual. The other one I sometimes get is a message saying there was a problem and would I like Windows to try to repair it. Again, don't let it try a repair! It will just make things worse as I have found there is seldom anything wrong. Either select to boot normally or power off and re-try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:51 14 Jan 2017

The laptop is fine and can be saved.

Its possible you may have jarred the hard drive loose and a simple remove and refit will solve the problem.

Worst case scenario is hard drive is damaged you will need another drive and a fresh install of windows. That's when you realise how important backups are :0(

Legacy mode just means you can not set the machine to boot from a USB / DVD which you may have to do to repair windows.

Make and model of laptop? Lots of Youtube videos on how to change hard drives if you google make and model.

You did the right thing by asking for advice and age doesn't make any difference we all live and learn :0)

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