Is it possible to use two screens

  fredsboy 11:37 01 Mar 2013

I have two laptops, one windows 7 the other windows 8. Is it possible to have a second screen connected on either of these showing a different page and if so how?

  Chronos the 2nd 12:37 01 Mar 2013

What cable you need will depend on what connections you have on your laptop and the monitor or TV you which to connect to.So first we need to know what laptops you have then we will be able find out what the specs are.

Do you want to connect to a monitor or TV? Once you are connected then it is very simple to have different web pages on each screen.

  fredsboy 12:43 01 Mar 2013

Both laptops have a normal monitor connection, one has HDMI. However I just want to connect another monitor to either of the laptops so that 2 different pages can be displayed at the same time. I know you can split a screen but my wifes eyesight is a rather poor and she then cannot read the screen. She is researching her ancestors and wants to add information without having to switch.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:18 01 Mar 2013

Then you will either one of these. HDMI. Or one of these. VGA. This may or may not matter to you but VGA will only transmit video whereas HDMI will also transmit sound.

A bit of a walk-through here Obviously you will need to look your laptops manual for details of what key to press ETC.

  lotvic 22:08 01 Mar 2013

Dual monitor setup, another bit of a walk-through two monitors

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