It is no better than Vista.

  24bitkid 22:48 22 Nov 2009

Windows 7?

No better than Vista and considerably worse than XP.

Another step backwards.

  AL47 22:49 22 Nov 2009

i find it much better than xp and better than vista

  Zeppelyn 23:11 22 Nov 2009

Well you say considerably worse but wouldnt it be a good to explain exactly why you think its worse.

  Rob_08 03:15 23 Nov 2009

after using 7 for a few weeks i have to agree, i liked Xp so much more. reasons... too many to mention. ahh well too late now arghhh. lol.

  User-1229748 03:59 23 Nov 2009

i liked vista aswell :o) but that's probably because i had a vista pc before i had a windows xp one.think it's just what you're used too with a lot of peeps.

  a member 09:04 23 Nov 2009

thats the point ,no-one likes to change, we all get used to an operating system and when a new one comes along that behaves differently ,we all hear the complaints and gripes about the new OS .
my first PC had windows ME and I loved it ,within a year I could do anything with it and never saw a BSOD ,yet you listen to the feedback from ex windows 95,98 users and they all rubbished it .the same happened with XP ,there were complaints in abundance about it when it first came out ,it was not until SP2 came out that things settled down and it started to show promise as a decent OS. but XP has been around a long time now and most users have come to know its idiosyncracies ,the fact is Vista was a better OS at launch than XP ,but the way it worked , navigation ,folder layouts etc ,were strange to some, who had been brought up on a diet of just XP. Windows 7 is better still ,its true that it started life using Vista as a model but there have been a lot of changes for the better under the hood . its not perfect ,No OS is , I find that running a new OS as dual boot along with my current OS allows me to get used to the new one gradually ,so many users rubbish a new OS for no good reason other than they wont adapt to a new way of working with an OS ,if we want to progress we have to move with the times .
XP has reached the end of the road ,as good as it had got ,it was getting harder for it to cope with newer technology , A new OS biult specifically to use the latest gadgets is what we all need .
Windows 7 will progress and improve through updates just like XP did and when another Major OS is brought out ,no doubt the will be many win7 users ready to rubbish that one too.
better to bite the bullet and spend some time getting to know the new OS , its here to stay ,and support for XP will drop off soon .

  24bitkid 12:55 23 Nov 2009

I find it is just Vista with a few tweaks. Deep within the system, there are still menus from Windows 98!

Slooooooow file transfers (like Vista).

And very very buggy. (like Windows!)

Hard to use start menu with no classic option.

After all these years, I still prefer XP.

  sonyboy 16:11 23 Nov 2009

I won't repeat everything merlinx has said ..but I agree on every point!!
.After twenty years of building and Troubleshooting various flavours of Windows..I can categorically state that W7 (even though there is still room for a bit of polishing) a great leap from Vista and XP.
We all have our opinions and we are all entitled to state them ..but in the world of PC's ..How often we see users "praising" or alternatively "ranting" over various software issues is all too common..
Look into some software reviews and you'll see stuff like "Great piece of kit..Best ever like a dream!....Next reviewer says "Rubbish...Screwed ny machine..Had to reinstall ..Total crap!
The main reason for this state of affairs... is that developers and programmers have to write a program that has to span an almost infinitesimal range of Hardware and software setups.The scope for someone having a different opinion is therefore immense.The general concensus from a huge slice of the Microsoft Windows user base that Windows 7 has been a major step forward from previous O/S's ..Yes...there is room for some tweaks..but on the whole ...Microsoft ain't done a bad job with 7 ! Biggest leap in my mind...Is the guy who gave us Linux has praised Windows 7 ...and a god few Mac bods too !
what keeps the world spinning is the vast and varied technology we have access to..I ain't got no issues with W7 ....Suits me Sir :)

  gazzaho 09:50 24 Nov 2009

I have to say, personally, I believe that Windows 7 is what Vista SP1 should have been. It feels like Vista SP1, to be honest.

On my machine Windows 7 performs way better than Vista ever did, and to be brutally honest, in my opinion it's in a different Galaxy to XP. It's far superior to Vista, particularly during boot up with regard to detecting USB external drives and devices. Vista on my machine took at least 3 to 4 minutes to get to a usable desktop with USB drives plugged in, somewhat faster if they weren't, Windows 7 gets me to the desktop in slightly under 2 minutes and transfer speeds on my machine are noticeably faster than Vista.

One more thing I feel worth mentioning is a problem I had when booting Vista from cold. I used to get an occasional INIT ROM error message from my ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard LCD poster display which stopped the machine cold for minutes at a time while booting to Vista. This error hasn't occurred once from Windows 7 was installed, touch wood, I'm wondering if it has something to do with memory addressing in 64-bit as opposed to 32-bit, that's the only change I've made when upgrading.

My conclusion is that it's the real Vista SP1, also I guess anyone who didn't migrate from XP to Vista is in for a steeper learning curve than Vista to Windows 7 upgraders. All in all, for now I'm happy with the upgrade, how long for only time will tell.

  sunnystaines 13:46 24 Nov 2009

w7 boots faster and i do like those new quick launch buttons on the bottom left of screen.

cons ...took ages and many tweaks to get good clear sharp picture like vista

  numpty_uk 15:15 24 Nov 2009

We went from XP to Windows7.
It's faster, is more stable & works well.
Vista really was XP 2nd Edition & only a stop gap!

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