Is it me or is it Windows 8?

  Markito 17:10 19 Jul 2013

I am trying desperately to get to grips with Windows 8 64 bit on a new laptop having been used to XP Pro. My first reaction is to say to Microsoft "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
Anyway, my specific and probably very basic problems are as follows:

  1. I don't want to use MS Office, much less purchase it, and would like to continue to use LibreOffice. But although it downloads I don't see how I can make it "run."

  2. My current 3 computer version of Norton Internet Security 2012 also appears to download (without Utilities) but since the laptop already has a trial version of the same thing, it doesn't show that my current version still has months to run.

  3. I would like to transfer Mozilla Thunderbird gmails from my old laptop, including my address book. Should I use IMAP or POP? In fact I have already managed to install Thunderbird using POP but there doesn't seem to be a way of using a CD-ROM to install the address book.

  4. Can you tell me in general terms how I find downloaded programmes? I obviously need to run them, but my poor brain can't find where the downloads are stored...if at all.

  5. I might possibly need Java in future. Is there any inherent problem with it? I know it was very unstable in the past.

I'm sorry for all those questions. But at my age such a complete difference in systems is extremely challenging. Ideally I suppose I'm saying that I'd like Windows 8 to operate or at least appear as close as possible to XP. Am I searching for the impossible?

Thanks guys in advance for any help.

  Woolwell 19:22 19 Jul 2013

I sympathise. I'll try to answer as best as I can but someone else may be able to give a more complete or better reply.

  1. Did you just download LibreOffice or install it? If installed: On the metro (tile interface) scroll across and see if a tile has been installed for LibreOffice. If not open the charms and in find apps type LibreOffice. Alternatively go to the desktop and you may find LibreOffice has installed a shortcut. If not installed then go to the desktop and click bottom left and look for downloads.

  2. Have you registered Norton on the new system?

  3. IMAP and POP are 2 different email protocols. If your account was set up for pop then stay with pop. Don't use Thunderbird so cannot help with transfer of address book.

  4. This link tells you how to move the downloads folder but the first part is what you want is it tells you how to find it.

  5. Java has some security problems. It is up to you. Javascript is ok.

You may be younger than many who answer on this forum!

  AroundAgain 23:00 19 Jul 2013

I use Thunderbird, although on Win 7, not Win 8 so I haven't actually tried this on Win 8

However, there are two main ways to move your 'Profile' across to a new computer and worth a try. I favour MozBackup which is a free download and is very easy.

This links to a 'T'Bird' forum, which I find very helpful and your question re T'Bird is answered.

Regarding finding your way around Windows 8, I can sympathize too, as I have been doing just that today myself. I found that putting the question of what you are wanting to do, into Google, then got me lots of very helpful sites and I have to say, I've learnt a lot today!

Good luck with the steep learning curve but I'm sure you'll get there :)

  Markito 16:26 20 Jul 2013

A progress report:

LibreOffice isnow installed, along with files from old computer, and working.

I get the feeling that the 2 month free trial of Norton is preventing me from using the product key of my existing Norton. I'll see what happens when those two months are up. By the way, Norton Utilities doesn't seem to be needed with this trial version of NIS and I don't think it's compatible with Windows 8 anyway.

Thunderbird was a nightmare. But I now have it up and running my gmail account using POP, not IMAP. I also managed to export / import my address book. Unfortunately Thunderbird has uploaded every single gmail message I ever sent or received, so I have a major deleting task to do.

Since I'd like to do a speedtest having now got a fibre optic connection, it seems I need to download Java. I hope that Javascript alone will be enough.

Thanks again, guys. I'm battling on.


  AroundAgain 18:07 20 Jul 2013

Well done Sounds like you've achieved lots already As I said, Google questions re how to do something in Win 8 - I'm finding that very helpful Post again with any new issues - the guys here are very helpful, as you've discovered already Cheers

  Markito 15:13 22 Jul 2013

Woolwell and AroundAgain: Thank you again for your help. I think I'm just about there.

By the way, for some reason the addition of a mouse seems to be even more essential in Windows 8 than in XP. Then again, I had an HP Compaq where the touchpad scrolled properly. On this Fujitsu AH532 I ended up with blisters on my fingers...well almost.

One more question before I leave you in peace: is there any way I can change virtually all the tiles on the Start page of Windows 8 and make my own choice completely? If so, how can I make a web page (e.g. into a tile?

Bye for now, Mark

  Woolwell 16:19 22 Jul 2013

You will need to create a custom tile using a third party program. However it is much easier to go to the desktop and create a shortcut there.

  Woolwell 16:19 22 Jul 2013

Don't find that I need a mouse as I find the touchpad is fine but I do have a touchscreen.

  Markito 17:42 22 Jul 2013

Woolwell. I also have a touchscreen, in that I can touch it but nothing happens. (Sorry, my sense of humour.)

Yes, I'll use the desktop; it seems a lot more familiar and therefore easier.

Many thanks again. I think I can consider this thread closed.


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