Issues with screen tearing, etc.

  erzvolnes 17:49 03 May 2019

Since I started using this PC (clean install, all drivers installed from scratch), I've had issues with this.

My mouse constantly leaves behind a trail, so do icons and screens that i drag around. It's glitchy and I initially thought it was a screen refresh rate issue, but changing that setting hasn't had an effect. I get horrendous screen tearing when watching youtube or netflix, as well as when moving large windows around my screen.

In games and when watching fullscreen videos, moving objects leave behind red/blue/green trails, almost like shadows. It's really becoming impossible to do anything with all of these issues. The screen tearing persists in games also.

I'm at my wit's end with this, and can't find any solutions anywhere even though I've seen people struggling with similar problems. I'd really appreciate any input from anybody, because I'm all out of ideas.

I've tried reinstalling my graphics drivers, updating everything I can think of. In device manager my monitor is listed as "generic PnP moniter", which doesn't sound right, but anything I've tried to "fix" it hasn't worked, and disabling/re-enabling makes no change whatsoever. I switched out my monitor for a different one, and had the exact same issue, so I know it's not the monitor itself.

Please, any help at all would be so appreciated. Thank you.

  KEITH 1955 18:39 03 May 2019

what is the spec of your pc , the only time I have seen what you describe was on my first pc back in 2003

this might help you

click here

  erzvolnes 19:09 03 May 2019

(I'm not great with computers, so sorry if this isn't the information you were looking for.)

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz

Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series

RAM: 6.0 GB

Operating System: Windows 7

Before I system restored this PC, I saw it running with the previous owner and didn't see any of the issues then that I'm seeing now. It's come up only after the reset, that's what's so frustrating about it.

  KEITH 1955 19:21 03 May 2019

if his monitor did not show tearing it could be that your monitor cant cope with what you are trying to do , try and barrow another monitor to see if the same thing occurs.

  KEITH 1955 19:22 03 May 2019

extra …… check refresh rate of your monitor as well

  erzvolnes 19:27 03 May 2019

It's the same monitor that the previous owner was using, and I switched out to a different monitor earlier today and had the same issue with screen tearing, etc. I don't have access to any different monitors to test this further, though.

I could buy a better monitor, but I'm just worried that it won't fix the problem.

  erzvolnes 19:32 03 May 2019

Refresh rate is 60hz

  x13 23:33 03 May 2019

Don't know what driver you've installed for the Radeon but it sounds to me as the wrong one. Don't think the 5700 series is still supported. Download this legacy driver, Here and select your OS.

Uninstall the driver you have then reboot. See how it works with Windows' generic drivers first. Then try the legacy driver.

  erzvolnes 01:13 04 May 2019

Thank you for the advice! It didn't work, unfortunately. The screen tearing etc persisted, and after changing the legacy driver I couldn't select my native resolution. I re-installed the 5700 drivers in the meantime, but thanks for the help anyway.

  erzvolnes 01:18 04 May 2019

Actually, I tried the legacy driver again, and after rebooting a couple of times, my resolution was correct, but my device drivers list the 5700 as the active driver despite being uninstalled completely previously. odd. Still no change on the screen tearing, though.

  Menzie 02:30 04 May 2019

Have you tried running the system in safe mode to see if the issues still persist then?

Instructions on running safe mode can be found here.

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