'IR etc' network .../USB safely eject e.g.HDdevice

  charliestumpy 13:23 02 Apr 2007

I apologise to all of those experts who seem to gain great pleasure from verbally/on-line bullying new ignorant members such as I aged 3 and 3/4, but I have noticed after last 2 months that when I have safely ejected/whatever via protocol WIN toolbar doings a big or tiny USB 2 device from Win Vista new lapituptop THAT:

My UnitedArtistGold/Telewest/Blueyonder/Virgin.com broadband via Belkin network IR or whatever connection DISAPPEARS ...

Presumably, this is another fault in MS Vista? ...

(P.S. I am not per se against 3 years lifetime Vista - e.g.

My final conclusion on playing with Vista include:

a) After 2 months I have got all of my supposedly non-Vista driver/non-Vista compatible devices to work -
2 scanners
3 digital stills cameras
3 printers
USB to serial adaptor
6 joysticksvideo 'grabber'2 anaologue/digital USB TV etc cards

etc - most of them will work if you avoid installing via 'proprietary' software installation routines/CDs etc, as Vista has/gets via its installation disks-'CAB' type files 'legacy' type drivers etc.

Vista is pretty/good versus MAIL spam etc/uses suitable cheap SD/USB memory devices for speed etc boost well BUT

is otherwise overpriced unneccessary bollox compared with developed/developing for a while XP.

So far I have wasted only about a £1000+ on Vista, much less than I have wasted on mostly perfectly adequate audio boxes.

Thank goodness I did not buy whizzo top of range new PC with Vista ...

  Kate B 13:31 02 Apr 2007

I think if your first remark is to attack people here, you're not going to get much in the way of cheerful friendly help.

You don't like Vista, as far as I can tell from your rather garbled post *shrug* That's your lookout.

  charliestumpy 13:49 02 Apr 2007

I like Vista (I have so far forked out about 1k on it) but still prefer XP.

Please do not feel that I am ATTACKING you - I am just reporting objective real things.

Ideally, a PC ADVISOR grown-up would moderate these fora effectively.

  Kate B 14:23 02 Apr 2007

This forum is very well-moderated, and your opening statement is aggressive, to say the least.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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