Internet security

  DonaldDG 08:56 15 Jun 2010

I have just joined virgin media cable broadband who offer free virgin media internet security. Is this OK to go with or should I pay for Macafee for my new windows 7 laptop. I have a trial period with Macafee until July 2010

  anskyber 10:05 15 Jun 2010

I use microsoft security essentials click here it is free and works perfectly for me.

  onthelimit 12:55 15 Jun 2010

I'm with anskyber - why pay when MSE works so well.

  Pete 58 21:07 15 Jun 2010

Hi Donald,i started using this security in 2006,not much gets passed it i must say that,but it only has basic functions,eg,it took me over an hour to do a virus scan which is crazy,you cannot do a quick scan.I no longer use it only because it has basic features.Regarding security their are many out their freeware and purchase ones and it all depends what you want to do with them.You will find that people will like one brand and not another.I am using Norton 360 which i like but i do not like Mcafee,it all depends on your preference

  sunnystaines 11:50 16 Jun 2010

I too use norton 360 on my w7, very good all round product

  cheap to fix 22:39 21 Jun 2010

as a tech I use

malwarebytes and hitman pro 3.5
both are free and nothing can get passed them
however the paid version is gr8 too.

  ronalddonald 18:41 24 Jun 2010

I use Linx mint

  katkins 18:48 01 Jul 2010

I bought AVG Internet Security 2008 for £7.99, in May from and received a CD with instructions to go to AVG website and quote my licence number.

From there, I was allowed to download verson 9.0 and instal it. I was issued with a new licence number during the process.

It contains all the usual software for anti-virus, firwall, e-mail, anti-spyware and spamming protection.

Incidently, there is Savapoint, Directphoto and a few other online shops like that selling batteries, etc which do these deals. I had the choice of Kaspersky too.

  katkins 19:26 01 Jul 2010

The AVG Internet Security package is now £7.49.

Can be found under 'Specials' and 'Clearance'. There are up-to-date versions for a few quid more.

click here

click here

  tigertop2 12:27 04 Jul 2010

I have to agree with 'anskyber' and 'onthelimit'
Most of us do quite a bit of research before entrusting safeguarding our data to any security software provider. I have used Microsoft Security Essentials for 6 months on all my PCs. It is light on PC resources,dead simple for anyone to use, does not nafg you constantly, gets a good name generally in the trade reviews--and is free. The big additional bonus for Windows users is that you know it is compatible, no ifs or buts.

  birdface 18:30 05 Jul 2010

Any other security program you can fully remove from your computer if you decide you do not like it.
You can't with MSE.
It delivers all of its updates through Windows update and they cannot be removed.
I am not saying it is no good, just that you cannot remove it properly.

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