Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1

  belayer 16:13 23 May 2014

I have bouight a new PC with Windows 8.1 installed. The Internet Explorer it runs is really horrible with the address bar at the bottom of the screen, I hate it. Is there any way of installing an older more familiar version?


Is there any way of listing favourites, home screen etc in Opera, because that looks like IE used to look.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:29 23 May 2014

"Is there any way of installing an older more familiar version?"

Windows 8 comes with two IE versions installed - the "app" one that you're not getting on with, and the one you're familiar with. This article, and this one too should help.

  rdave13 19:05 23 May 2014

If you want to boot to the desktop instead of the start page, right click the task bar in the desktop, select properties, then navigation tab and tick the first box under start screen.

In the start screen right click IE and pin it to the task bar if not already showing.

  belayer 20:08 23 May 2014

Thanks very much, that has got it sorted. Thank you.

One other thing, I have a CD of Windows 8 Pro that I bought for my last PC, is there any point in installing it? Does it add anything to 8.1?

  rdave13 22:01 23 May 2014

That would be an upgrade disk. As a home user I wouldn't bother. You have the 'home' issue of 8.1 and the disc would be a Win 8 professional disc.

I'd leave it as it is for now.

  belayer 09:35 25 May 2014


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