Internet Explorer Not Working - Blank screen

  grrjammm 01:02 13 Jan 2015

I want to use google drive but for the initial set-up internet explorer is needed... the problem is my IE doesn't work, it permanently has a blank screen and F12 developer tools show up as a grey screen as well. I have tried all the suggested trouble shooting methods, reinstalling internet explorer, resetting the internet settings, opening IE as admin, opening IE without add ons. Nothing works! All i need IE for is to log into google drive so this is very frustrating! everybody else seems to have this fixed quite easily.

Any help would be much appreciated!


  grrjammm 08:43 13 Jan 2015

Thank you. I have tried the reset already a few times and it didn't work. Also I don't want to use IE for browsing, its just needed to use Google Drive for the first time so i need it to work.


  grrjammm 23:34 13 Jan 2015

also tried that already to no avail!

thanks though

  mole1944 05:15 14 Jan 2015

Download chrome,ie is pants simple as

  grrjammm 10:09 14 Jan 2015


  grrjammm 10:51 14 Jan 2015

Got the updates last night, still wasnt working, tried the resetting again, still wasn't working but then my 360 virus protection just scanned and fixed the problem (whatever it was) and now IE is working! loving 360 patches :)

thanks for the replies!

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