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Internet Explorer has stopped working

  tony-guitar 22:29 10 Dec 2013

Grrrr. This error box has recently started appearing. My pc is 18 months old running Win7. This error box seems to appear every time I go to either Google or Bing (not tried any others). I've tried disabling all 'add-ons' as suggested in another mag, but not yet 're-setting' IE. I believe I have IE11 and this error box seems to coincide with a Windows update around the same time. Is there a cure please? I really don't want to change my browser.

  tony-guitar 20:23 18 Dec 2013

Thanks mate. I also think it's time to wind down for the evening. I haven't had the I.E error since installing AVG, however it's only a 30 day trial apparently.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:24 19 Dec 2013

" I haven't had the I.E error since installing AVG......"

That's a relief - good to hear that we've accomplished our goal :)

"......however it's only a 30 day trial apparently."

It sounds like you've inadvertently installed the free trial of AVG Internet Security. Thankfully, it's quick 'n' easy to switch to AVG Free:

Go to Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> highlight AVG in the list then click the "Change" button at the top. In the AVG Options window click the button to "downgrade" to the Free version.

PS: Although it's not urgent, I'd be happier if you could remove that partial Avast installation that's still on your PC.

  tony-guitar 12:35 19 Dec 2013

Thanks for your patience. Avast did say that a restart should remove the last traces, but I've just tried your suggestion to tap F8 after hitting the Esc button when Select Boot Device box appeared but nothing happened at all. I pressed Esc again and Windows loaded normally. I'll definitely try to downgrade the AVG as the pop-up notifications are getting annoying now.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:44 19 Dec 2013

As promised, here's the other way of getting into Safe Mode.

  tony-guitar 16:18 19 Dec 2013

I went into 'Safe Mode' using msconfig but didn't find Avast anywhere, either in the Start menu list or Control Panels Uninstall list. So is there a separate 'Uninstall Utility' that you've previously mentioned? Also I successfully downgraded AVG in about 2 mins. Excellent.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:40 19 Dec 2013

"...So is there a separate 'Uninstall Utility' that you've previously mentioned?"

Yes, it's the tool from Avast that I mentioned before - here's the link again. Make sure you download it and save it before going into Safe Mode. When you're in Safe Mode, double-click on the avastclear icon in the location where you saved that file.

PS: Despite what it says in the instructions, the utility actually offers to boot into Safe Mode automatically - I wish I'd spotted that sooner.

  tony-guitar 17:24 19 Dec 2013

Yippee!! It did exactly as you said. I 'Saved' the download instead of 'Run'. Scarily (for me) the box had Avast hi-lighted with a subsection below for adding a 'path' to other stuff to remove. I left it alone when I realised I could possibly remove entire drives. Should I keep the AvastClear file that's now in my 'downloads' folder, or delete it?

  Secret-Squirrel 19:01 19 Dec 2013

Thanks for all the feedback Tony :)

Yes, you can delete that AvastClear file now and it's no longer needed.

  tony-guitar 19:52 19 Dec 2013

Thank you so much for your help. Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2014

  Secret-Squirrel 10:15 23 Jan 2014

Hello Eddie

In your case, ntdll.dll appears to be the culprit. That file is an important critical Windows system file so the log you've posted unfortunately doesn't pin-point a third-party program or IE add-on.

When does this problem occur? Is it random or does it only happen on certain websites or when using certain toolbars?

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