Internet explorer cannot display webpage

  saddler-1962 20:10 29 Dec 2014

Help... Currently restoring a laptop for son, but after reinstalling windows vista everything was fine then tried connect to a webpage keep getting the internet explorer cannot display webpage. I have a connection via wifi and strength of signal is good. Have tried various Microsoft recommended instructions like clear history , dis enable progs to see if I have a conflict with somethin else running but all to no avail. Anyone got any other suggestions, would be grateful if u did

Ps explorer is currentlyIE7 Cannot download anything although it says I have good connection

And as I said I ran the laptop recovery disc so should be as when had it ..... The laptop hasn't been used for 12 mths but works great except this major issue

Help thanks

  rdave13 21:28 29 Dec 2014

Try rebooting your router.

  saddler-1962 21:56 29 Dec 2014

Forgot mention have tried reboot router as well Other laptop an kids tablets working fine just this older lappys struggling with

Thanks for the suggestion

  rdave13 08:24 30 Dec 2014

Have you removed any trial security programs such as Norton or McAfee seeing you restored from the recovery disc?

  wee eddie 09:41 30 Dec 2014

Are you sure that it's actually connecting to the Net?

  spuds 10:50 30 Dec 2014

"but after reinstalling windows vista"

Not saying its the solution, but it might have something to do with the situation. I have a laptop running Vista, that was once able to connected to the internet, but suddenly stopped doing so, and it became a real time consuming problem.

What I would suggest, is that you check your ISP's website for support on Vista, and see if that shows any instructions on using Vista. This might depend on the router you have, and whether supplied by the ISP. If not, then you might need to go to the router manufacturer's website for support and instructions. I found my ISP was very helpful on this issue, and I did changes to the Vista and router connections that I would never have previously attempted or thought about. It took about 20/25 minutes with direct 'hand-holding' support and instructions from my ISP.

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