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  highside 13:48 07 Mar 2015

Help please, bought a new Win 8.1 PB (Acer notebook) and cannot use IE. (I know I can use Chrome or Firefox etc but I want IE as default.)

It came with IE icon on desktop but that takes me to MSN Bing every time. I know lower end machines are being set like that but there must surely be a way to get a straight IE view from an IE icon. I know how to make it default but I cannot get to IE in the first place to get to IE Options. Using a Microsoft method selecting "Make IE my default" still returns Bing. Bing cannot be deleted as its not in the program list.

I have an Acer desktop same OS but 64 Bit which doea not suffer from the same problem. Thanks for looking.

  alanrwood 16:49 07 Mar 2015

I think that IE is actually opening correctly but the home page is set to Bing which is Microsoft's search engine.

Click on the cog icon top right and select "Internet Options". On the General tab delete whatever is there in the HomePage Text Box and type in "about:blank" to replace it. Thhen you need to click on "Apply" IE should now open with a blank tab

  wee eddie 18:17 07 Mar 2015

Alanwood is right.

Just login and change your homepage. Maybe, to spite Microsoft, you could use Google!

  highside 07:37 08 Mar 2015

Appreciate your help but unfortunately not that simple. IE icon takes me to MSN Bing where the cog is not a settings button it is a 'Sign In' one. Bottom of MSN Bing page has a 'spanner' clicking on 'Options' there is a select 'Home Page' option which has no options! It has a 'Customize' button which gives "Choose which pages to load on IE start up" But clicking there gives only one option and that is to add 'current site' which guess what? its is MSN. So you can only choose Bing as that's the current one.

I read somewhere that manufacturers of some notebooks have taken a cheap option with Microsoft to install this idea and they have no choice. The article said new owners can change the option but didn't state how?

  highside 07:51 08 Mar 2015

Apologies, sorted it out with your help, my ignorance the culprit.

  alanrwood 09:34 08 Mar 2015

Glad it is all sorted out. Pleased to help.

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