Internet Crashes Out Since Windows 7 Arrived

  JinxedJinny 00:23 24 Apr 2010

My brother recently installed Windows 7 on his PC, and since then we have had internet connection issues, but it is ok when you run laptops wirelessly (hope that makes sense!) which are running Vista and XP.

The network provider (Orange) who say everything is fine. Although I am not entirely convinced because we have low status and slow connections as soon as soon as it hits about 5.30pm. How do I check if Throttling is happening?

Also, he recently installed a brand new processor and a brand new graphics card put in. It is a Nivida GeForce GT 220.

I am an avid user of SecondLife and this constantly crashes out the connection, which is only reconnected after a restart. If I watch or use anything such as youtube, any video or music streaming off any other site, or online gaming that has a high graphic content, the internet connection drops out too, and I get a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. If I run the repair and diagnose thing that comes up - it says there is no issue detected. But clearly there is something wrong.

My brother also separated the logins so my brother and I have different passwords. The connection drops on both logins. If I stick to text based internet sites, then it stays connected a whole lot longer. I can go for hours without having to restart. However, if I break into videochat on MSN or Gmail chat, there is a lot of breakups in sound, and lag in type chat - going into cam chat crashes me out again totally.

If I unplug the Live Box, and replug it - I have to restart the whole system. In fact if I restart the system it connects straight away - unfortunately, if I return to the same stream - a few minutes in, it crashes again. It's driving me crazy!

Anyone any idea what I can do. I have no idea about computers at all...I have googled but don't get the responses as I am not entirely sure what I am looking for as I am not computer minded.

Computer Spec:
Dell Inspiron 530
Intel Core Duo CPU E6750 2.66GHz
Processor: 4GB (2.75GB useable)
32bit operating system
Windows 7
Orange Network, Livebox

  a member 17:35 24 Apr 2010

have you updated your drivers for the wireless adapter ,you may be using outdated ones ore maybe they are not win 7 compatible ,it does sound as if you have a crap connection , try to check your internet speed ,click here is a good start ,run a test say between 6 and 8 am ,then again at midday ,and again at 6pm, and finally at 10 or 11 pm, this will give you an idea of your connection speeds throughout the day , normally you should get your best speeds between midnight and say 7 or 8 am. with the worst period (due to busy internet) between 5 and 10 in the evening ,I personally dont bother with the internet between 7 and 9 pm as its slower than a slug .

  difarn 18:55 28 Jun 2011

Try this:- Start - Control Panel - Under Network and Internet choose "View Network Status and Tasks" - In "view your connection" click on your local area connection - this brings up a new window click on "Properties" - uncheck the box "internet protocol version 6 - click on "close"

This worked for me after searching for some time for a solution.

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