Interesting info on Windows7

  sonyboy 11:03 27 Aug 2009

I stumbled across this site today...some interesting archives on the new O/S that you guys' might find here

  GaT7 14:38 27 Aug 2009

Our very own PCA Win7 news isn't too bad either click here. G

  sonyboy 19:47 27 Aug 2009

Didn't mean to detract from the excellent coverage of 7 on PCA in any way...with all the various questions that people have asked...I just thought a few of the "archive" items on the link I posted might fill in a few "grey areas" ...thats' all :)

  GaT7 00:49 28 Aug 2009

sonyboy, I didn't think you were meaning to detract from PCA's coverage, but I did think you might have missed it altogether! G

  sunnystaines 09:20 28 Aug 2009

thanks for the link.

  sonyboy 09:49 28 Aug 2009

No problem fellas' ......As a matter of fact..I've personally found 7 to be a very very easy transition from previous Windows..perhaps all that "faffing about" tweaking Vista and ironing out some of the annoyances has made 7 a very welcome change !
I'll admit to having done my fair share of" Microsoft ranting " in the past...but on the whole....I'm delighted with Windows7 ...Whats' your views?

  sunnystaines 16:28 28 Aug 2009

i have vista and very pleased with it.

but after running the vista beta and finding it dreadful it put me off till SP1 came out. now wish I had moved from xp to vista earlier.

got a W7 upgrade getting posted out from microsoft via the free voucher scheme sometime in november. not run the w7 beta in case I get put off again.

  sharpamat 17:20 28 Aug 2009

Ive run all the OS from 95 each has had good points and bad. The present versons available of 7 Ive tryed again with good and bad points.

However untill the final verson is out no one can be sure how it will work, or run with what people use.

information on what it will contain is changing day by day,as are installation versions, such as upgrades to clean installs which is one reason I have not pre ordered.

I do expect it to be an improvment on whats been used upto now. I also expect it will change even more.

I want to know options before I spend my money. I also want to know. ( and it takes time to prepare, package, and distribute. that what I buy is the final offer not a version that may require updateing even before you get it

  sunnystaines 12:31 29 Aug 2009

have they put pinball back in W7, had to install in vista by copying pinball files to disc in xp and loading onto vista.

  sonyboy 13:12 29 Aug 2009

Sorry sunnystaines..No Pinball in 7 and no Inkball either..Wouldn't let that put you off though :)

  sunnystaines 17:46 29 Aug 2009

Looks like copy and paste to W7 then as per vista.

really like it, the graphics, sound, the play.

tried some other pinballs just not the same.

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