Installing XP over Vista preinstall...SATA problem

  barrakus 20:40 22 Feb 2008

I tried today to install XP Home Edition over my preinstalled Vista...resulting in no HD found. |I know the problem is that the drivers for the SATA HD are not found in the XP Home installation disk and therefore it can't recognize that the SATA is there.

How can I over come this problem? I have an upgrade disk for XP Pro, but not a complete installation disk...I thought I would simply upgrade to XP then log on to driveragent, scan the computer and download the necessary new drivers for XP on this 'puter.

I also read in another thread, possibly in this forum, that if the SATA boot was in the BIOS then you could do without the drivers for the install. Is it possible to PUT the SATA boot into the BIOS? I no I'm a noob and these questions are probably ridiculous, but I have to ask just in case they're not.

  helen_312 20:57 22 Feb 2008

'.I thought I would simply upgrade to XP'

You cannot upgrade to XP from Vista. It is impossible.

  lisa02 20:57 22 Feb 2008

Will an upgrade disk for XP allow for an install over Vista?

Try going to your manufacturer's site for SATA drivers prior to install and then load them.

What's your beef with Vista apart from IE7 issues?

  lisa02 20:59 22 Feb 2008

helen_312 thanks - that confirmed what I expected. It mkes sense Vista to XP is in fact a downgrade not an upgrade.

  barrakus 21:54 22 Feb 2008

i mis-typed...i meant that i was going to Install XP Home...Upgrade to XP Pro...then go to driveragent and scan/download what I needed...I know that technically Vista to XP is a downgrade, but that's not what I was trying to say....(and is it REALLY a downgrade? Not according to most of these threadfs it's not. ;) )

Any way my beef with Vista is that I can't play my favorite online game because the stupid thing can't be made compatible to most game sites...or other software for that matter...until Microsoft releases their stinking sourcecode. :?
I think I'll buy a Mac next time...

  norman47 21:57 22 Feb 2008

You will have to format the hard drive with third party software. You can not format it with a XP home disk, this is a downgrade and Vista has written code to prevent anyone going back to XP from this route.

  barrakus 01:36 23 Feb 2008

and once the hard drive is formatted XP won't be able to read it for lack of SATA what CAN I do? I feel like applying a liberal dose of the BFH to this new computer...

  tullie 05:06 23 Feb 2008

Dont blame microsoft,software vendors have had a couple of years to do their bit.

  helen_312 09:40 23 Feb 2008

'and once the hard drive is formatted XP won't be able to read it for lack of SATA drivers.'

Just download the drivers from the computers website. Put them on a cdr or usb pen drive and when you install XP and press F6 use those drivers.

What is the name of the computer.

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