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Installing Windows10 Creators update on a Fusion5

  tallboy 13:34 24 Apr 2017

Last December I purchased a Fusion5 Windows 10 tablet for use when on holiday. Whilst it isn't very fast (it uses an Intel Atom processor) it does the job for a few weeks each year. (Email, web browsing, books etc.) It came with 28GB of RAM and I fitted a 64GB SD card to it. As of now, with most (but not all) programs installed to their default location, I have only 6.5GB of space left in the main memory but 38.7GB on the SD card. Windows tells me that to update to W10 Creators, I need 8GB of main ram! (Bearing in mind that for a while at least, it will store the current version of W10.)

Is there a program I can use (a bit like those designed to move from one PC to another) that I can use to move programs from their default location on C: to D: on the SD card? (Even if this means re-installing them.)

Where the program's installer allows you to choose the location of the installed program, I have already installed them on the D: drive, but most programs don't give you a choice!

I hope someone knows of such a program - thanks.

  mikeyrh 15:14 24 Apr 2017

Hello tallboy, this article on the web site may be of help. click here

  tallboy 19:12 24 Apr 2017

Many thanks for the link mikeyrh. There's some useful ideas here. I'll give them a try!

I didn't realise that the current version of Windows 10 can be 'dispatched' to another drive. That could be a good way of getting the extra space needed when updating Windows 10 to Creator.

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