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Installing Windows Essentials on a different drive

  tony-guitar 16:36 15 Mar 2014

I want to try Windows Photo Gallery, but the installation doesn't give an option of an alternative Drive. My 'C' drive is a 120GB SSD, but I would prefer to install it on drive 'D' which is a 1TB HDD. In this months PCA page 114, Roland Waddilove suggests using symbolic Links with a program called SymMover to move the program files to 'D' leaving just a link on 'C'. Is this the only viable solution?

  tony-guitar 00:17 16 Mar 2014

I've made a bit of a cock-up here. Although I don't have all of 'Essentials', I do have Photo Gallery installed. I was reading an article that said Photo Gallery wasn't installed by default, then realised I had it. However, I then checked my previous posts and remembered I'd already asked a question about this program. Annoyingly, it wants to upload every image from my phone, including online stuff, be it sky sports images, argos, amazon, whatever, so I stopped using it. Instead, I've been using Picasa3, which only uploads from my phone's gallery (HTC One Mini) without duplicating. Windows Photo Gallery has all the pics that Picasa3 has so I'm seriously thinking of uninstalling the Windows Essentials stuff, and free up some space on my SSD. Any problems with this idea?

  tony-guitar 12:03 16 Mar 2014

I've just done a few checks. Picasa3 only uploads pics and videos from my phone's Gallery. Windows Photo Gallery however uploads everything including all the junk, eg: it wants to import over 3000 when in fact there are probably less than 500 legitimate pics and vids on my phone. Also in 'Library/ Pictures' folder all my phone pics and vids are there too. But I'm wondering if this is Google's ploy. If MS Photo Gallery sees all this other junk (web browsing images) but Picasa3 doesn't, does that mean that my phone is actually storing all this stuff somewhere? If so, how do I go about clearing it all away? It would also free up some space !!

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