Installing WIN 7 on dual boot sys

  tamsin 15:09 27 Sep 2009

I have a partitioned hard disk. I am proposing to uninstall Vista (C: drive) and replace it with WIN 7 when I get the disk next month. I would love to get rid of the seup put on by Packard Bell initially.
However I have XP on D: drive. By uninstallating Vista will I cause any problems to the D: drive?
I am completely new to dealing with dual boot systems and did not set up my computer.
I do have backs ups of files and Acronis HDD images.
Can any one advise me please.

  zarobian 17:14 27 Sep 2009

Yes, by uninstalling vista your computer will not boot into XP. One way of doing this would be to install windows 7 on 'C' drive and then reinstall winXP on 'D' drive. There are other methods to repair boot but it needs some know how which will be a bit difficult for a novice.
Forum members might have some other easy approach to this problem.

  zarobian 17:18 27 Sep 2009

Acronis HD image will replace your boot system. When the times I may guide you in this respect.

  tamsin 18:21 27 Sep 2009

zarobian - Thanks for response. I have made a slipstreamed version of my XP disk including SP3 in case it is needed. Have not downloaded mass storage drivers as cannnot find file referred to on VIper.
I would appreciate guidance about boot system. Will come back after I receive WIN 7 disk.

  zarobian 07:30 28 Sep 2009

Will do. I think you will be able to do a straight forward upgrade from vista to Windows 7. Not to worry help is availabe when needed.

  tamsin 15:32 04 Nov 2009

I am finally getting round to installing WIN7 Home Premium. My computer has Packard Bell Denver 11 motherboard, and Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33 GHz chip, and 4 GB RAM.
Should I replace Vista 32 bit with WIN7 32 Bit or 64Bit. I am not a gamer but I do tend to have different things open at the same time.
If I overwrite Vista with WIN7 instead of a clean install will this remove Packard Bell settings? Not a bad thing if it does.
Of course I want to keep the dual boot going with XP.
What would be your advice please.

  ambra4 19:08 04 Nov 2009

Take a read

How to dual boot Windows XP and Windows 7 (XP installed first)

click here

How to dual boot Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Vista installed first)

click here

  zarobian 08:28 09 Nov 2009

ambra4 advice is spot on.

  tamsin 12:32 15 Nov 2009

I got it wrong! Created new partition - installed Win7 - when I opened the program found it had imported all the rubbish installed by Packard Bell on Vista.

Do I now need to format the partition - presumably have to go to Vista DOS promt to do this. Please can someone tell me the correct syntax to enter.

I did not designate the partition as OS because I read that I would not have access to the other programs if I did this. I do need XP for a while longer. Was this my mistake?

Would appreciate advice.

  ambra4 03:24 16 Nov 2009

“When I opened the program found it had imported all the rubbish installed by Packard Bell on Vista”

Not to sure what you mean by imported all the rubbish installed by Packard Bell on Vista

Is Windows 7 working?

Is there a choice of OS to choose from when you reboot the computer XP or Windows 7

  tamsin 10:07 16 Nov 2009

Firstly the boot menu was updated by WIN7 as it installed.

When I opened WIN7 I found that the programs and set up installed by Packard Bell on Vista when the computer was new had all been imported onto WIN7. So instead of a nice clean install of WIN7 it was corrupted with the progs installed on Vista which I did not want.

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