Installing Program No Space on Disk

  LuPi3 20:04 02 Jun 2017

I need to install AutoDesk Inventor, a heavy program, in my laptopt. Every time I try to install the program tells me there's no space on the disk, the local disk (C:) is almost full, there's space in the main disk (D:) but the program won't allow me to select it to install, what can I do?

  BRYNIT 22:15 02 Jun 2017

I would suggest remove any program you do not use and if you have your Docs, pictures etc on your C: drive move them over to D: drive also make a backup copy onto an external drive before you have problems and loose them all. Having too many programs/files on the C: drive will eventually cause your computer to slow down and eventually freeze.

  q33ny 09:49 04 Jun 2017

Hi LuPi3. Try this.

You should be able to select where to install the program. I don't know this software but usually you have 2 options when installing. 1 is Quick Install and the 2nd will be Advanced. If you select advanced you should be able to select where you want the software to be installed. If is nothing like this, go through all the options and you should be able to find one that has something like 'c:\Program Files...'

  lotvic 11:38 06 Jun 2017

As per BRYNIT advises, move personal Docs, pics etc to D: drive.

And to add to octal's post asking for specs; can't advise any reorganisation of drives until it is known what size and type of hard drive(s) you have. At the moment it is unknown whether C: and D: are partitions on 1 Hard drive or if they are two separate drives and if one is a SSD.

q33ny's link explains why you need more space on C: Autodesk installer, though installing the program to another drive as specified by the user, still needs to use the Windows temporary file locations during installation

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