Installing a download of Windows 10 on a brand new

  AjubaGomes 10:08 03 Oct 2019

I had to replace a failing hard drive in a friend's pc. Unfortunately they only had an oem install of Windows 10, which obviously the Microsoft download site won't accept the product code for. I've looked into it quite thoroughly and it seems they will just have to buy Windows 10. Now here's my dilemma... Rather than just buying it and getting a disk (which would make my job much easier lol) she wants to get it through her college since she can get it for free that way. But her college only offers it for download, no disk. And I'm not sure how to go about getting that download onto the new hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  alanrwood 10:42 03 Oct 2019

Normally the download would be an iso file which you then use on another computer to create an installation DVD which you then use to install on the first machine.

  x13 19:07 03 Oct 2019

As alanarwood says. link here and follow instructions. No need for a key (say you have no key during installation) as it's tied to the motherboard and will verify automatically. No need to buy Windows 10 again.

  Brian Hamilton 19:14 03 Oct 2019

Normally the download would be an iso file which you then use on another computer to create an installation DVD which you then use to install on the first machine.

Maybe a decade and a half ago... You just chuck the thing on USB now.

  x13 19:20 03 Oct 2019

USB or DVD only matters if you don't have an optical drive :) If the PC has UEFI instead of the old BIOS then worth checking the new drive, connected via USB, to another PC to check if MBR or GPT. If you have UEFI and the new drive is MBR then use Windows to convert it. Windows will wipe the drive ready for a fresh install.

  Brian Hamilton 22:14 03 Oct 2019

I fail to see what the above gumph has to do with the problem. The corporate world got rid of CD Drives on devices years ago. Any idea why?

You see more laptops and PC's without CD Drives these days, however they always have some form of USB.

The OP needs to download Windows10, no need to wack it on a DVD, that's an extra process.

Suppose the next thing that's will come up, is all the USB Ports are broken.....

  mrgrumpy 11:37 29 Oct 2019

Hi x13 thanks for posting the link for the windows installation tool , I know this post was not set up by me but I have used the link. I have 3 pc's built by the same company and only one ( the expensive games rig ) came with windows disc in the box in case in need to use it. apparently they don't supply the discs anymore unless you request and pay for it.

I did it to usb and chose use on another pc as I did not download it on the pc that the program will run on should I need to use it.

you told the poster of the thread no key needed ???

obviously I hope I never need to use it. From the comments you made does it mean that windows automatically find the info it is looking for during installation .

Once again thanks for getting me to do something I have been putting off.

  x13 11:45 29 Oct 2019

grumpy old man - yes as the key is tied to your account and hardware. During install just click the text that you have no key and it will continue.

  Awingedangel 03:49 07 Nov 2019

Maybe he university only offers free Windows 10.iso file downloads,just like Alanrwood said,download iso file then burn it to a disc(It can be USB or DVD/CD),since it can be as a Windows 10 installation media for your computer.i remember clicking on a link at Microsoft to install Windows 10, but unfortunately, it didn't bring me what I wanted,one installation disk is enough,or from here to download Windows 10 on your computer.

  mrgrumpy 11:32 07 Nov 2019

Awingedangel you know how to do it so why the click here link to the site your showing ?

I went to Microsoft site and burnt an iso image to usb and saved it under the option to use on another pc.

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