Installed updates have gone after reset Windows 10

  dugit 14:53 16 Oct 2016

Have just reset my Windows 10 pc. I expected that the updates I had installed would be missing but I know find that items that were originally installed with the pc eg nvidia graphics driver /etc have all gone. Does this mean I have to install all the previous items that came with the pc or are they hidden somewhere else?

  Govan1x 15:24 16 Oct 2016

You might have Windows old on your computer now you might be able to salvage some stuff from there.

Usually get it on file explorer. Open up boot C on the left hand side and windows old should be at the bottom of it.

Saying that I just got rid of W10 anniversary update and restored to a time before downloading it and there is no Windows old on my c drive. But worth a look.

  dugit 17:19 16 Oct 2016

Many thanks for both replies. I realise now from what you say that I have to install all the drivers etc which I have kept as I took a copy of my installed updates before I reset my pc.

  Forum Editor 17:21 16 Oct 2016

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