Installed updates have gone after reset Windows 10

  dugit 14:53 16 Oct 2016

Have just reset my Windows 10 pc. I expected that the updates I had installed would be missing but I know find that items that were originally installed with the pc eg nvidia graphics driver /etc have all gone. Does this mean I have to install all the previous items that came with the pc or are they hidden somewhere else?

  Govan1x 15:24 16 Oct 2016

You might have Windows old on your computer now you might be able to salvage some stuff from there.

Usually get it on file explorer. Open up boot C on the left hand side and windows old should be at the bottom of it.

Saying that I just got rid of W10 anniversary update and restored to a time before downloading it and there is no Windows old on my c drive. But worth a look.

  [DELETED] 16:17 16 Oct 2016

A Windows reset, keeping data, is different to the manufacturers 'restore to factory settings'. Search for how to reset to factory settings for your machine. Hopefully you've created restore media via your manufacturer's restore manager as no doubts you had promps to do it?

If resetting Windows 10 via the Operating System then the manufacturer's restore partition should still be there. Search for how to boot to restore on the manufacturer's site. That will install all the drivers needed.

  dugit 17:19 16 Oct 2016

Many thanks for both replies. I realise now from what you say that I have to install all the drivers etc which I have kept as I took a copy of my installed updates before I reset my pc.

  Forum Editor 17:21 16 Oct 2016

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