installaion key unreadable

  conrail 11:09 24 Apr 2010

sons laptop with vista home premium 32 bit hd failed, have replaced hd and borrowed installation disc, unfortunately the key is unreadable on the bottom of the laptop, can someone please suggest options, all help gratefully accepted.

  Pine Man 11:46 24 Apr 2010

Does the company it was bought from have those details?

  conrail 15:09 24 Apr 2010

thanks for reply Pine Man, unfortunately it was bought for Christmas 2008 and the company have told me they don't keep those details

  Woolwell 17:01 25 Apr 2010

The retailer will not keep those details. The manufacturer might. What discs came with the laptop, was there a recovery partition and were recovery discs created?

  conrail 20:35 25 Apr 2010

thanks for reply Woolwell, seller does not keep these details, the laptop did not come with any discs, I have created recovery discs, no recovery partition, unfortunately I have reinstalled wifes laptop with recovery discs, created for her laptop, and I was asked to imput the key, the one thing we don't have, I have looked on microsoft websitefor help but they want £47 just to talk to them, unfortunately I cannot find the box it came in, other boxes from my pc, wifes laptop and printers are all there, I was hoping the key might be on the box, the manual that came with the laptop was installed as a pdf file so can't access that.

  ame 12:16 27 Apr 2010

The key will only be on the sticker on the laptop, not on the box, etc. You might try peeling it off (perhaps use a hairdryer to heat it up and help) and seeing if you can decipher by holding it up to a light. Otherwise you'd be better buying Windows 7 instead of paying M/soft or anyone else. If you're son is in education, you can buy the upgrade version for £43 from click here but I'm not sure it will install if your Vista O.S. isn't validated.

  conrail 12:19 27 Apr 2010

thanks ame, I will look into your suggestion

  ame 21:43 28 Apr 2010

Just a weird thought - I wonder if one of those ultraviolet lights they use to check banknotes in shops might show something up if a normal light doesn't? Worth a try!

  conrail 10:39 29 Apr 2010

thanks ame, that is a thought, I will make enquiries to see if any of my friends can help or know someone who works in a shop

  conrail 22:15 10 May 2010

didn't need key, vista installed from friends disc and when asked to register, as I could not do it online, could not find the network, I dialed the 0800 number imputted the series of numbers from the screen into the phone then typed in the series of numbers received from the phone to the laptop and laptop registered, went onto the manufacturers website on my pc, downloaded the network drivers run drivers on laptop and now everything is up and running

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