Infrequent 'Your PC ran into a problem...' Error

  Michael Denissen 18:51 19 Apr 2016

So I have a Dell Inspirion 15 (5000 Series) with an intel inside core i5 and an amd radeon graphics card. A few weeks ago I started having the problem that every couple of days my Laptop would show me this blue screen with the text "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart". After the PC started again everything was back to normal, until the same thing happened again about 3-6 days later. This repeated itself a couple of times. Lately it additionally showed me the additional error "KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR (srv.sys). Today (after a 1 1/2 week break from any problems) it shut itself down again and only a few hours later one more time(never happened twice in such a short time before), but this time with the error: "DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL (iaStorA.sys).

I don't know if it could have to do anything with it , but in most cases it happened when I was playing the Online Game 'League of Legends' (although I play alot when I'm on the Laptop so I don't know if this is relevant).

I'm really not good with computers and hope somebody knows a possible solution or at least a reason for why this happens (and why so infrequently).

  Michael Denissen 18:53 19 Apr 2016

It's Windows 8.1, forgot to mention.

  Svol 19:25 19 Apr 2016

If you have not already attempted, you could initially try running a CHKDSK process to check your Hard Disk and attempt to fix any Disk / File errors that it may find.

Right-Click Windows Start icon

Select 'Command Prompt (Admin)'

Enter the command CHKDSK /F /R

Press and enter 'Y' in response to the on-screen prompt Restart the system and the CHKDSK will commence on start-up.

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