Increase Size of Picture & Name on Welcome Screen

  feather39 17:37 17 Feb 2010

I have set up my father's new Win7 computer so that he and my mum have separate user areas. They each have a picture and their name under the picture but my father's sight is not very good and the picture and name are very small so he finds it difficult to see which area is his and which is my mum's. Is there anyway of increasing the size of the picture and name on the welcome screen on a Windows 7 computer? If so, please advise how I do it as I have found no help on the Help and Support on the computer itself.

  a member 20:04 17 Feb 2010

whatever adjustments you can make will only take effect once you are in windows .there seems to be no way around this although I guess there may be a registry change to possibly alter this .
my advice is to have a picture for each user that is so easy to identify that you could not make any mistakes .for example have colours instead of pictures , say blue and yellow colours that are way different and cannot be mistaken ,if you dont use passwords as well then its only a matter of clicking on the right color to get in ,you can customize the resolution and font sizes for each individual once on the desktop.

  feather39 21:08 17 Feb 2010

Thanks Merlinx - I have already customized each area for my Dad and Mum to the specification needed by eyesight. The problem is identifying which picture for my Dad and which for my Mum as they are so small, my Dad cannot really make them out. I don't understand why they are so small as I have a Vista machine and on my welcome screen the picture and writing are a very good size and my Dad has no trouble with seeing mine at all. I just cannot seem to do the same for him on his machine.

Any further suggestions anyone?

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