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  Roo247 20:21 26 Jan 2010

i am intend to install windows 7 on my wifes old Acer aspire laptop, it has 60gb hdd partitioned into two C: and D: approx 30gb in each. When i run windows upgrade advisor it tells me i dont have enough disc space.I managed to free up about 4gb but am still about 3gb short, So i installed easus partition manager to increase the size of the C: drive but every time it comes up with an error saying there is an error with the operating system and cannot complete.
Can someone point me in the right direction? I havent any hair to pull out so its nail chewing time.

  GaT7 02:30 27 Jan 2010

First off, do you have to backup any data? Do this first before attempting the Win7 install.

Next, place the Win7 disk in the optical driver & set the BIOS to boot from the CD-rom first.

Follow the Win7 installation procedure, opting to format the C: partition. This will wipe the drive of all data - hence my earlier suggestion to backup if you need to. This will make it free, so you can install Win7 without any lack of space issues.

I've installed Win7 on a 15Gb partition without any errors, so there shouldn't be any problems at all with a 30Gb one. Keep the system partition at 30-40Gb, which is the least you should choose really (Btw, I chose 15Gb as the disk was only 20Gb in total). G

P.S. Step-by-step guide with screenshots at click here if required

  Roo247 19:04 27 Jan 2010

Thanks Crossbow 7.
Seems a pretty simple set up to do, I will do a back up of data, is it ok to use windows easy file transfer or do you recommend another programe?

  GaT7 19:46 27 Jan 2010

Yes, you could use Windows Easy Transfer (WET) to backup (although I would choose to do it manually - reason below).

Download WET for XP click here (chose the 32-bit option)

And follow 'Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7' click here (you can skip Step 1 as you've already done it).

The trouble with me & WET in the past is that it always seemed to crash in the middle of its operation, & I had to clean up the mess before restarting. So I only go for manual backups & restores now. G

  Roo247 21:15 27 Jan 2010

excellent, as soon as i can get m'lady off her it, i'll give it a go.
Many thanks again.

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