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Incompatible program supposedly fixed but new data

  skodaron 09:40 05 Jan 2017

In windows 10 I use TRUEKEY. The program is incompatible. When I run the incompatible program fixer it works, but the corrections are not saved even though I tell it to save them. I have to re-run the compatibility check every time I want to run the program (every day).

  lotvic 20:25 05 Jan 2017

Are you by any chance using Edge browser? click here True Key review by pcmag

An extension for Microsoft Edge is available, but it must be installed directly from the Store. For Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, the extension communicates with the True Key app. Edge doesn't permit that, so the Edge extension is basically a recreation of the app itself.

  skodaron 09:02 06 Jan 2017

I am using Google chrome.

  lotvic 17:45 06 Jan 2017

The program is compatible with Windows 10. Free version of the program supports up to 15 passwords.

What popups are you getting to say it's incompatible? and what/where from is the ' incompatible program fixer' that you run?

Have you followed the steps on click here to add the extension to Chromes browser?

  skodaron 17:33 07 Jan 2017

True Key has stopped working: is the popup I get as soon as I try to open the program. The incompatible program fixer is run from windows control panel.The chrome browser extension is enabled

  skodaron 17:35 07 Jan 2017

I am using the premium version with 130 logins.

  lotvic 19:04 08 Jan 2017

There have been some 'known bugs' so I suggest you contact their free support especially as it's Premium version, click here scroll down to bottom for link to contact support.

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