Improved UAC, for those who use it

  brundle 15:55 12 Oct 2008

And no dull replies saying `I turned it off as soon as I saw it`, read the title.

Norton Labs; click here

Probably best to untick "Submit on click" when installing if your PC is not always online.

It provides more information about the process that it's alerting you to, and allows you to suppress repeat warnings for specific actions/programs.

Screenshot here; click here

(That as a result of deleting a entry in the Start Menu)

  mrwoowoo 01:04 13 Oct 2008

Ok i won't give the dull reply no matter how tempting.This does look as if it's worth giving a go though with the customization that it affords.
My only concern is that being Norton how much impact it would make on system resources.
Have you tried it at all brundle and if so what do you think?

  brundle 17:33 13 Oct 2008

I understand your concerns about Norton and their reputation for slow,bloated apps - they've made a major change with the new AV and IS packages though. The UAC tool isn't noticeable at all, tested on a 2GB desktop and a 1GB laptop (which is not exactly blazingly fast to start with). I think the basic idea of UAC is a good one but the mindset of Windows users is different to that of someone used to Linux, where changing certain things is a privilege not a right so to speak.

  sunny staines 18:41 13 Oct 2008


thanks i will give it a go.

  mrwoowoo 23:47 13 Oct 2008

Thanks for the heads up.
May dip my toes in then.

  [email protected] 00:02 15 Oct 2008

i looked at this but thought it was a beta click here it doesnt state on your link it is. i always found nortons betas troublesome. i wonder if this is final release?

  [email protected] 00:05 15 Oct 2008

yes it warns you it's beta on download page.

  brundle 00:39 15 Oct 2008

Perhaps I should have made that clear, worth noting so thanks. Then again, as widely reported 45% of Google tools are beta (even Googlemail) so perhaps the meaning has been skewed. Working well for me though, I much prefer it to the standard Vista UAC so far.

  rdave13 00:39 15 Oct 2008

Got used to Vista's UAC now and it's Ok I think. Don't need another process to manage it because I can do it myself. Thanks anyway.

quite impressed run at driver level using pretty much nothing, it seems a good solution. worth noting if you install any program and sett the exe as admin before you run it that program will only give the pop up once, and that seems to be how norton is working, giving you the choice of not showing the window again.
you can quite easily hack to stop the pop ups keep priviledge levels for programs correct or if you don't what to mess running click here does it for you. you don't install the program but have to run it to turn on, off and quite mode. i keep it in my favorites.
but the norton program as first sight seems very well written.

  rdave13 01:57 15 Oct 2008

As of past Norton history tread carefully. Don't find any particular problems with UAC within Vista. Easily turned on or off and easily assign admin to programs.

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