Importing MP4 File to Movie Maker for Windows 7 help

  Audio~~Chip 12:00 26 Jun 2013

Hello Trying to import some MP4 Files into Movie Maker for Windows 7 and it looks like there is some compatibitly issue.

So I googled and found this on Microsofts website seems to be buggy codecs in movie maker.

In the Answer of the link it suggests installing it in compatibitly mode or downloading the XP/Vista Movie maker.

Could someone in the forum please help and recomend me a safe suggestion maybe a Codec convertor or something which will enable me to work with MP4 files Please

Cheers Steven

  rdave13 20:00 26 Jun 2013

First thing I would do is make a copy of the MP4 file so that you can try various things with the copy and leaving original 'safe'. Have you got Windows Live MM rather than WMM? If WLMM have a look at this,

If Windows MM then try converting the file to AVI or .wmv using FormatFactory before importing. , as with all freebies, use the custom install option, to remove the toolbars etc offered with installing. It's a very good converter.

  Audio~~Chip 23:31 26 Jun 2013

Thanks Rdave13

Just called in to check my mails and got your mail alert. Thanks for the links. I will try these tomorrow and let you know the outcome. Seems to be ideal for what I need to do.

Cheers Steven

  Audio~~Chip 12:52 04 Jul 2013


Just realised that the files I am unable to play in Movie maker on Windows 7, the Movie Maker Live made for windows 7 are not MP4 files but AVI files.

Without having to open another post does anyone suggest why I am unable to play AVI files back in Movie Maker for windows 7 64bit please.

Do i need to download a programme called DivX which a friend mentioned.

Thanks Steven

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