Importing emails into Windows Live Mail from a hard drive

  Tranestation 17:46 29 Jun 2012

I can't imagine I can be the only one with this problem !! I have just purchased a new PC running Windows 7 and wanted to inport my backed up emails from Outlook Express which are on a hard drive in .dbx files.

When I go to the drop down list in Windows Live Mail and click Import Messages a box appears and says select the format you want to import emails from and it lists Microsoft OE 6, Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail. I click the OE option and then next then a box about the location of messages appears. I click browse, find where the messages are and click next.A window opens and asks me to select folders and I select All folders (although I have tried a single folder without success) and then click next

A small box opens and I can see the folders being imported. When finished a window opens and says import complete and the messages are in Microsoft OE format

When I go back into Windows Live Mail in the Storage folders there appears a file called Imported Folder but when I open it there is nothing in there.

Mhy question is am I looking in the right place for the imported emails or have I missed something.

I know the emails are on the hard drive and it says it is importing them but I don't know where.........I have looked on the desktop and in a couple of other locations but no joy.

Apparently you can but a prog that opens .dbx files and displays them in an OE style. It is FreeFile Viewer but free it isn't.

Any help appreciated


  difarn 07:43 30 Jun 2012

Just came across this article, the last paragraph of which may be of interest to you.

  Tranestation 20:11 05 Jul 2012

Hi there

Thanks for your reply. I am sorry I have not replied earlier but I have been away on business. I read the article in the link but it did not solve the problem but in the end I worked it out for myself after many tries. This is what I did if it helps anyone else :

In Outlook Express (and you have to do this for each different email address) go to whichever email address you chose, click Tools then Options then Maintainence. Click on Store Folder and a box will open with the location of where that email address messages are stored. Highlight and click copy. What is important next is to go to Start then Run and then paste the store folder URL into the box and click OK.

The clipboard should open and all your folders and messages will be there in a .dbx file format.

Make a new folder anywhere (My Docs or My pics or the desktop) and rename it with something like OE John or something that you will recognise.

This is the important bit and the one where I made a mistake several times.

You now have to copy the .dbx files into you New Folder but DON'T copy and paste. Click on Edit and select the option Copy to Folder. Do each thing one by one including Inbox / Sent / Outbox etc etc. and don't forget to include Folders.dbx...........this is the bit that makes it work " on the other side"

I copied everything one by one and if you have a lot of folders (and a lot of email addresses) then it takes a long time.

Make New Folders for each email address and rename accordingly

I copied each renamed folder onto an external hard drive and also a USB Flash Drive (as a back up)

In Windows Live Mail click on the small blue box in the top left hand corner and select Import Messages.

A dialogue box opens and select Microsoft Outlook Express 6 (if that was the system you used before). Click next and in the next box that appears click Browse and find the location of the folder you made (hard drive or USB)

Click OK and then next and a box will open with all your messages. Make sure it has Local Folders at the top and click on the button that says All Folders and click Next This will then import into Windows Live Mail into a folder that says Received Folders. You have to click it so the little arrow appears and then your email folders and messages will show. Then just put them into your email folders that you should have set up in Windows Live Mail.

This does not import you contacts list but you can make one from your emails when they open in WLM.......just click add contact.

As I say this worked for me in the end and just to reiterate make sure you copy Folders.dbx.

Regards Steve

  Tranestation 20:18 05 Jul 2012

Just to say that the folder where the stuff goes to in Windows Live Mail is called Imported Folder as opposed to Received Folder

Sorry for that

Regards Steve

  difarn 09:51 06 Jul 2012

Well done - your reply will no doubt be useful to others.

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