Importing email after W7 installation

  jonmac 07:37 24 Oct 2009

Installation of W7 went OK but importing Outlook Express format emails into the downloaded Windows Live Mail hasn't. I set up an account then went through the process of importing the files. It appeared to go fine but at the end of it all nothing appears in any of the folders in Live Mail. Can anyone shed somelight on this?

  BurrWalnut 14:10 24 Oct 2009

There are 2 ways to do it, Export and Import or this simpler copying method.

Create folders on your desktop or external device and name them OEInbox and OESent. Open Outlook Express, go to the Inbox, click on a message line then press Ctrl+A to Select All and drag the highlighted items into OEInbox. Repeat it for Sent Items and any other mail boxes that you have. If the folders are not on an external device, copy them to one.

Open WLM, display the Inbox and open the external OEInbox folder, Select All of the items from the OEInbox folder and drag them to the WLM Inbox. Repeat this for any other mail boxes.

If you are on a network and have set the shares and permissions, the OE mail can be copied over.

  jonmac 19:07 24 Oct 2009

Thanks for trhe reply BurrWalnut but I don't quite follow your suggestion. Having done a clean install from XP to Win7 Outlook Express no longer exists. My store folder from OE does, though,on my secondary disk. If I drag the Inbox.dbx file to Inbox in Windows Live Mail it just opens a new email with Inbox attached and creates an Imported Folder under Storage Folders.
From what I can see it seems that the normal import does work but Live Mail doesn't display them for some reason.
I must say I'm seriously considering going back to XP for a month or two as printers and scanner are proving difficult to install too. Who would be an early adopter, eh?

  BurrWalnut 19:20 24 Oct 2009

I didn’t realise that OE no longer existed, I thought it was a separate machine.

What I think you need to do is put the .dbx files into a folder and Import from that folder. Some information click here

  Rob_08 19:37 24 Oct 2009

Use Thunderbird. Windows Mail sux in comparison.

  jonmac 22:33 24 Oct 2009

BurrWalnut, that's what I've done really.
Rob08, I tried Thunderbird first and it seemed to need OE to import from and wouldn't allow me to point to the location of the files as Live Mail does.

  jonmac 22:34 24 Oct 2009

BurrWalnut, that's what I've done really.
Rob08, I tried Thunderbird first and it seemed to need OE to import from and wouldn't allow me to point to the location of the files as Live Mail does.

  Rob_08 23:34 24 Oct 2009

Hi jonmac,
hmm i see what you mean, its a pain in the A** that MS dropped O.E. I dont want a lot of hassle setting up a new Mail client and trying to import to it. Like you, i have my mail folder on another drive. Seems i'll have to install Thunderbird while im still using XP and import to Thunderbird, then change Thunderbirds mail location to my other drive. Then when i can be bothered to install my Wins 7 Pro ( if ) i guess ill just point Thunderbird to the new store location. Fun Eh ?

  jonmac 00:01 25 Oct 2009

Rob_08....Yeh, that's my window(!) of last resort, to revert to XP using the Windows.old file created during the installation. I found instructions for that at click here but since my printers are not working had to photo them on-screen. There's a bit of command line stuff to do and no doubt a lot of finger crossing too.
If it works OK then I'll set up Live Mail or whatever works and do the business to an external drive. Ideally I want to convert them to .eml format I believe but that would cost me $39 for software and I'm loath to spend that. Damn Microsoft!

  jonmac 07:07 25 Oct 2009

Rob_08, thank you.
What is it about computers? Sometimes they work, sometimes not, especially when you need them to.
This morning I downloaded Thunderbird again and tried an import and it worked, at least partially.
All my emails in their complex folder heirarchy are in place but for some reason the address book copy was not imported. I wonder why?
But that's a much smaller problem.
Thanks again Rob_08 you've taken a big load off my shoulders.

  Rob_08 12:30 25 Oct 2009

for taking the time to try it out, coz i'll be doing this soon myself ! Incidentally, can you move the imported mail into properly created Thunderbird folders ? I assume you can make new Thunderbird mail folders with the same name as your imported folders and move the mail into them. Then delete your old imported folders.
The Address book import shouldnt be a problem, if you saved your address book as a csv file, import that. Its how i always back up my addy book anyway.
see here:
click here

Keep us posted, cheers.

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