Import Out Look Express messages into Outlook 2007

  RobCharles1981 23:34 24 Dec 2010

How is this exactly done???

I've followed this link: click here

But it doesn't work, I have saved the Outlook Express Folder from XP which has the .dbx files any help would be grateful.

Thanks Again


  john bunyan 13:36 25 Dec 2010

See Here:

click here

  john bunyan 13:37 25 Dec 2010

Also here
click here

  john bunyan 16:22 01 Jan 2011

This is a far better link::

click here

  RobCharles1981 14:48 06 Jan 2011

Hi sorry for the delay do these links actually work and have they worked for you?



  john bunyan 19:45 06 Jan 2011

Yes - this one in particular:

click here

In long hand click here

  john bunyan 19:46 06 Jan 2011

Hold down Ctl when clicking on the link.

  RobCharles1981 22:39 06 Jan 2011

Thanks John Ile come back to you on this.

  RobCharles1981 14:36 17 Mar 2011

I decided to give this a try out I imaged my Hard Drive for safe measures.

I followed the first link that John Bunyan Posted on 6th January and I'm looking to import the storage folders into Outlook 2007.

Now I use Office Enterprise 2007 and I followed the prompts as per bellow but there was no import options or nothing like that -! Or should I look for Office 2007?

These is the guide that I followed:

# Open OE, WM or WLM on the new machine.
# Cancel any account creation dialogs so that you'll be taken to your Inbox folder.
# Choose File-> Import-> Messages…
# Select from which application your message store is from.
# Click Next.
# When prompted, select that you want to import from a store directory and click OK.
Otherwise, directly select the location of where you have restored your backup.
# Make a selection of which folders you would like to import or choose All folders and press Next.
# Press Finish when you're notified that the export is done.
# Now that your original data from your old computer is configured in OE, WM or WLM on your new computer, you can use the first section of this guide to get your messages into Outlook on your new computer.

  RobCharles1981 21:33 21 Mar 2011


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