Import Dynamic Foreign Disks to Windows 10 Home

  p1076043 10:12 04 Jan 2017

Hi, I have 2 "data" disks (Not OS) that were software mirrored using by windows 10 Pro in a PC that has a failed motherboard. I have put both disks in a new PC that is Windows 10 Home edition, can I just import the Foreign Dynamic Disks or do I have to upgrade to Windows Pro?

Any other suggestions, just want to get one/both disk visible so the data can be extracted


  Burn-it 13:57 04 Jan 2017

If they are purely data then they should work. If they are data tied to a specific program, then that program will need to be installed and pointed to that data. Doing that may not be as easy as you might think though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 04 Jan 2017

what software was used to "mirror" the disks if windows own software back you may need to take ownership of the files?

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  p1076043 15:31 04 Jan 2017

Thanks for the reply's. It was Windows 10 Pro that managed the mirror.

  p1076043 16:40 04 Jan 2017

toejams - Yes, did read that article about Home edition not supporting Dynamic volumes, if it does not import, will upgrade to Pro and try it, will leave the convert to basic volume as the last option as it is probably the most risky.

  p1076043 20:13 04 Jan 2017

Upgraded to Windows 10 pro.....disks imported ok. Thanks for your help.

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