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image converter for web forums

  conrail 17:24 12 Sep 2017

hi guys, a while back I needed to convert an image to include in my posts and I was pointed in the right direction, made a note of the site, unfortunately have lost the note and despite working my way through my posts cannot locate the link, please help me with the link, thanks

  chub_tor 17:27 13 Sep 2017

I entered your question into the PCA web search forum on the home page and got the following results Click Here Is one of them your missing question?

  conrail 22:21 13 Sep 2017

thank you chub_tor, unfortunately it wasn't there

  Secret-Squirrel 12:36 14 Sep 2017

.......I needed to convert an image.........

Convert it to what? Or do you perhaps mean you're looking for a hosting site to upload your image to then place a link for it here?

  conrail 13:54 15 Sep 2017

thank you Secret-Squirrel, if I was posting on this forum and wanted to include a picture, I was previously pointed to a site to convert the picture, looking for the conversion site

  Secret-Squirrel 17:33 15 Sep 2017

Thanks but I still don't understand what you need to convert the image to.

Anyhow, I think I know what you're trying to say. If you mean you want a to upload an image then make it appear in one of your posts then read on:

PostImage is one site that works well. Click on "Choose Images" then select the file you want to upload. On the next screen that opens, click on the little blue and white icon immediately to the right of the "Direct Link" web address. That'll copy the URL to your clipboard. You can then paste it into your forum reply here - either directly or using the "Insert Image" button on the top row of the toolbar.

You can use this thread to practice if you like.

  conrail 18:05 15 Sep 2017

thank you Secret-Squirrel, that is the one I was looking for, sorry I wasn't very clear with my request

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