I'm still new at this newest technology!

  marie-anna 04:59 05 Nov 2012

OK! I'm going to try this again! Hello! everyone, I always purchased Norton 360 Internet Security every year I feel my computer is safe what I'm interested to know it seems there's always a new virus to worry about and that we haven't heard is there a BIG possibility we can expect Norton to improve each year by being prepared, ahead of what's going on, for whatever comes to try and destroy our computer!!

Also on a regular basis which Scan should I use and how many times a month FULL QUICK CUSTOM (which I certainly don't know what that means) I would also want to know why won't the manufactures find a way of taking the time to have a booklet that goes with a laptop, just like a VCR instruction that goes with it, it would be so much simple and better instead of going to retail where you purchased the computer its a REAL HASSLE I couldn't believe there wasn't no booklet instruction there is keys that I don't even know what they are.

P.S. I would like to keep my laptop as long as I can possibly can because I'm not interest to have a laptop that so complex that is confusing like I said I'M STILL NEW AT THIS NEWEST TECHNOLOGY its interesting fun BUT OH! MY GOSH

  difarn 08:28 05 Nov 2012

Most instruction booklets are now on a CD accompanying the piece of equipment. In the case of your laptop it may already be on it. If you look at the laptop website there is usually an option to download the instructions. I make a point of downloading operating manuals for every bit of new electrical equipment I purchase and store them on my PC.

As far as Norton 360 goes the best advice is to open it by clicking on the icon, click on settings, click on use system defaults, click yes in the confirmation window, click on ok. This will then operate quietly in the background.

  marie-anna 04:29 06 Nov 2012

I really appreciate your help as my title says "I'M STILL NEW AT THIS NEWEST TECHNOLOGY" I meant it, so forgive me if I ask you something that you would say
!. Instruction booklets on a CD accompanying the piece of equipment where's the CD how do I get one??? store instruction on my PC ??? how do I do this

Laptop website how do I get there??

How do I know my AV software and Windows are up to date how do I do this? if I have one

And what is OEM what does it stands for and how do I get to the website?

And you also said "User awareness is one of the big factors that will affect the health of your PC in plain anglish what are you're saying and if in doubt keep out from where? What can I have too much of to affect the health of my PC OH! one more thing I went to a retail with my Laptop telling them my speaker was not working a few days passed by when I called them I could hear my speaker LOUD I told them the volume was off when I got home my speaker would not work again still not working. By the way how do I set Norton to update automatically for virus I was just typing and when I press the key for a question mark it gives me é or É what should I do and when Ièm there see again when Ièm typing and start again the line that flashes before for you to continue to type disappears sometimes I donèt see it and sometimes it goes unto another line I hope you understand what Ièm trying to say you see Ièm I would have to type in I am

Thank you so very much

  Nontek 08:59 06 Nov 2012

If you have been renewing Norton over the past few years, you can't be all that new to the technology.

Why are you only now having so many problems?

I don't like to appear too cynical, but this seems to me to be a bit of a wind-up!

  Forum Editor 12:47 06 Nov 2012

Let's address the questions you raised in your first post:-

"Also on a regular basis which Scan should I use and how many times a month FULL QUICK CUSTOM"

Forget about custom. Run a quick scan once a week, and a full scan once a month.

"why won't the manufactures find a way of taking the time to have a booklet that goes with a laptop, just like a VCR instruction that goes with it,"

To save money. The instruction manual is, as has already been said, usually included on a CD that comes with the laptop. If you don't have this, let us know which make and model of laptop you have, and one of us will provide you with a link that will enable you to download a manual from the internet.

Now for your second post:-

"How do I know my AV software and Windows are up to date how do I do this?"

Your anti-virus software should automatically update itself each time you connect to the internet. Windows will do the same thing, provided you haven't altered any settings affecting the way that Windows connects and downloads updates. You should occasionally see a notification telling you that Updates have been downloaded, or are available to download. This will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

"And what is OEM what does it stands for and how do I get to the website?"

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is used to describe software or hardware that is provided to computer makers to install in new machines, prior to sale. There are some more complex aspects to it, but you don't need to worry about that. Your computer will have an OEM version of Windows installed, but you don't need to worry about OEM stuff at all - forget all about it for now.

With regard to the typing problems - do this:- Press the key marked 'shift' and the key marked CTRL at the same time. Your problem should be fixed.

  difarn 16:36 06 Nov 2012

I'm beginning to wonder if Nontek's comments about this being a "wind-up" have some substance. There appear to be a growing number of problems to sort out.

  Forum Editor 23:09 07 Nov 2012


I don't share that view.

  marie-anna 03:17 08 Nov 2012

I have been renewing Norton every year because I was instructed to do so I would NEVER do this on my own without being advice by someone who knows technology better than me since I know nothing about technology however I am learning slowly and let me tell you there's A LOT to take it in where technology is concern.

I see in the Forum I'm not the only one that has problems with any technology but we are talking about this one still I'm not the only one.

Can someone explain what CUSTOM SCAN means I want to know for education purposes

When I first purchased my laptop I was NEVER told nothing about instructions manual already on a CD that comes with the laptop "is that what a GOOD SALESMAN DOES" I knew nothing about those things so it was up to the salesman to show me!

Where is the "SHIFT" KEY as for the "CTRL" no problem the letters are clear on the key but I did go into my QUICK GUIDE to check where "shift" was there was nothing there.

I have an ACER

Does anyone have a problem when there typing you see a line that flashes and follows your typing well mine it disappears and I find it between letters from before and if I don't catch it it separates my letters until I stop it then I move my mouse to go back where it disappeared in the first place.

I also want to put a picture on my screen ex: when my laptop is open I have a picture on display screen so when I brought my laptop for Technician Services when I got home my picture was replaced with a land of some sort how do I put my picture back on the display screen I knew how but it seems that the technician has done something different because the land came from "BING"

Thank you so very much for helping me out I appreciate it

  lotvic 16:20 08 Nov 2012

The Shift Key is the one with the arrow pointing up. There are two of them. One is just above the Ctrl key and the other is to the right of the /? key

The shift key is held down to enable you to type a Capital letter (Capital letters are called Uppercase) This is UPPERCASE. this is lowercase.

Some of your cursor problems may be caused by your sleeve catching on the touchpad as you are typing.

Cursor = line that flashes to show place that typing will commence at. When you place your mouse pointer and click it moves the cursor to that place.

  Nontek 19:46 08 Nov 2012

Hmm, so how is marie-anna managing to type using normal Capitals etc if 'she' does not know where the Shift Key is? Has had computer for some years, and still does not know about these simple things!

C'mon, I still say this is a wind-up!

  Nontek 21:50 08 Nov 2012

Also, what's with the I'm problem? Initial Post I'm is not a problem then Nov 6, 2012 at 4.29AM Ièm suddenly becomes a problem, then Today at 3.17AM I'm has cured itself again??

... and to get Ièm needs knowledge of how to get to Character Map and how to use same!

Stinks of Wind-up!

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