I'm satisfied with Vista!

  CalgaryGal 16:09 12 Oct 2008

I bought a new laptop in June 1008 with Vista Home Premium installed. I was a bit leery of it after reading so many horror stories of incompatible software etc.

Firstly, I made sure my router and ADSL modem were working - that was a snap! Then I went on to my printer ... not compatible with Vista. Vista says "I can help ... here, let's go to the Canon website and see what we can find!" I was able to choose my printer and download the driver - after installation, it worked just dandy. Then the same thing happened with my Canon scanner ... the driver was out there and Vista was able to help me find it and to give advice about deleting the old driver and then installing the new one.

My Palm PDA had similar problems with the desktop application, but there were updates "out there" and I was able to find them and install satisfactorily.

The only disappointment I have had is with my Microsoft Office Pro 1997 - I didn't want to spend mega-bucks for newer versions to get Access, so I compromised with OpenOffice and their Base module. I suspect there might be a workaround out there somewhere but I haven't bothered to look seriously into it! OpenOffice Base has been a fun learning experience - I'm not an experienced database user so even Access was a stretch at times!

Anyway, to summarize, I am very comfortable with Vista and quite satisfired with my conversion - all of my old freeware programs work with absolutely no trouble. Oh, yes - I did convert to the "Classic" views!!

So, my advice is -- if you are going to get a new machine, go ahead with Vista. The web has so many resources for any problems that you run into - it's absolutely amazing! I just copy my error messages into Google search and, lo and behold, there is usually something out there that is a match.

Yes, I do get all the little notices whenever I try to install new stuff. But since I am the only user and I am a careful web user, I quickly became accustomed to just clicking "Yes" and "getting on with it"!

I hope you all have such great experiences with this operating system.


  Teaboy 17:30 12 Oct 2008

I love your attitude CalgaryGal. I'm waiting for a new computer, should come soon. It will have Vista installed, ultimate,of course, But this doesn't belittle your enthusiasm for the system you have, and the keenness you show to make it work well.

The choice of Classic view is interesting. I shall bear it in mind.

Many cheers!

  Pineman100 18:09 12 Oct 2008

Well, there had to be one.... ;o)

  FatboySlim71 22:23 12 Oct 2008

"I bought a new laptop in June 1008"

I realized laptops had been out a while but not that long lol.

Seriously though, I too was apprehensive of Vista with all the stories of incompatibility, but I need not have worried as every program I had run with no problems, only one program wouldn't run with Vista initially but this was sorted by right clicking on the programs icon choosing properties/compatibility, next I clicked the box on "run this program in compatibility mode for" and choosing Windows XP service pack 2 option and also ticking the box for "run this program as an administrator". After doing this the program run fine.

What I did prior to getting Vista was to check the programs I used to see if there were compatible with Vista and all of them were by updating them to a newer/latest version.

Eight months down the line with Vista and I am very comfortably and pleased with it, I find it an excellent OS and I think Vista gets a lot of unnecessary stick, I prefer it much more to XP. I know now that I wouldn't go back to XP.

  Forum Editor 23:59 12 Oct 2008

more people are using Vista than were using Windows XP when it was at the same stage in its life-cycle. Vista has received a lot of bad press, but people have short memories - Windows XP had all kinds of problems for quite a while after it was launched, and when its first service pack was released there was an outcry from people who complained that it broke various software applications.

  mrwoowoo 00:59 13 Oct 2008

Classic view for me as well.
Not had any major problems with Vista at all,even with games that aren't supposed to be compatable. (where there's a will there's a way)
Seems to take a lot more punishment software wise or when you do something untoward.Much more solid and reliable than XP.And i loved XP.

  FatboySlim71 08:28 13 Oct 2008

FE you have jogged my memory with your post. I can remember people saying to me when I was on the verge of getting my first PC back in 2003, about XP having all kinds of problems, a lot of people were saying that I would be better to go with Win 98 to avoid the problems. When I got XP I couldn't understand why I wasn't having problems with it like the people I had spoken to had mentioned.

With any new OS some people are likely to have problems whereas some will be problem free, but I think some of these problems could be solved by either:

1: Downloading the latest version of the software.

2: Run as administrator (yes this sometimes works) a friend of mine was having trouble with a program that was written in 2005 and I managed to get it to run with running as administrator.

3: Selecting the option to run in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility and ticking run as administrator as well.

I can honestly say hand on heart that I wouldn't want to go back to XP now. I just wish that I had Vista when I got my first PC back in 2003, as I find Vista is a hell of a lot more user friendly IMO than XP is.

At the end of the day its what people like, some prefer XP some prefer Vista.

  CalgaryGal 14:58 13 Oct 2008

"I bought a new laptop in June 1008"

Well done, FatboySlim71 (as a substitute teacher back in Junior High said when she made a mistake on the blackboard - and yes, it was long enough ago to be a "black"board! - "I did that to see if you were paying attention"!! Not really relevant in the case of my posting, but it does make a good quote! I totally missed that typo on the date - of course, I meant 2008 - and thanks for catching it!

My former laptop was running XP, a change from the Windows 98 on the old desktop. XP was marvelous after all the "blue screens of death" of 98.

I don't run a lot of graphic-heavy stuff on my computers, except when I am photo editing and mistakenly open 20+ digital photos into PhotoShop! Even then, both this system and XP seemed to cope with having too many hissy fits. I do sometimes tend to forget how many applications I have open, so my system gets to run PhotoShop, WordPerfect, Excel, Firefox and who know what else all at the same time!

It's great to hear that I'm not alone in being satisfied. It is frustrating when things don't work like you expect them to do, especially when you shell out a few pennies for them.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who are celebrating today! Enjoy your turkey (we had ours at my mother-in-law's yesterday) and are driving from Edmonton back home to Calgary today with our 8-year-old grandson.

  Pineman100 18:19 13 Oct 2008

"Windows XP had all kinds of problems for quite a while after it was launched"

That may be true, but it's hardly an excuse for Microsoft to make the same mistake twice.

It also seems a bit pointless to spend years getting an OS right, and then replacing it with one that isn't.

However, I know... I'm completely ignoring the profit motive.

  Forum Editor 00:12 14 Oct 2008

Microsoft hasn't really made the same mistake twice, and spending years getting an operating system 'right' has largely been the story of all operating systems since time began. There hasn't been one freshly-launched system that has been right first time, and for pretty obvious reasons.

Computing moves on a a pretty fast pace, and new software applications and hardware devices appear on an almost daily basis. What was right in one context may be badly wrong six months later, which is why Microsoft has teams of people working continuously on fixes and patches, and is why hardware manufacturers are constantly updating drivers. The process never stops.

  User-1229748 11:39 14 Oct 2008

and so am i :o)

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