If you have any questions about the laptop ask.

  hristonaidenow 01:48 26 Oct 2014

Hello just bought a new laptop and I want to ask whether it is good or not.

Toshiba- Intel Quad Core I7-2,40 can be clocked up to 3.40 RAM-6gb Nvidia-GeForce GT 740M-2GB HDD: 1 TB

  lotvic 09:34 26 Oct 2014

The horse has bolted.

  hristonaidenow 10:30 26 Oct 2014

please write on the subject

  wee eddie 11:56 26 Oct 2014

If you paid £2000.0 you were ripped off, but at £500.00 you got a bargain.

You have told us nothing. What you needed it for, are you a Gamer, a Graphic Designer, going to College or just a nerd like the rest of us?

It will be good for some things and not for others. It's price will give you some idea of the expectations you should have of it.

  wee eddie 11:57 26 Oct 2014

The Model Number would help

  spuds 12:41 26 Oct 2014

First question on the forum, plus strange title?.

Here's a few perhaps similar machines (?) on eBay click here

  hristonaidenow 13:09 26 Oct 2014

I play a lot of games I don`t use it for work, bought it for £800.The model number is [Toshiba Satellite L50-A-119]

  wee eddie 13:24 26 Oct 2014

Looks OK

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