IE8 Compatability View List for Vista KB969497

  Pine Man 17:49 11 May 2009

This windows update fails to install.

I have tried all of the Microsoft fixes to no avail.

Anybody else having probs?

  chub_tor 19:35 11 May 2009

Just checked my updates and found that it installed OK a few days back, so no trouble with it here.

  mooly 08:27 12 May 2009

OK here. When IE8 installed via windows update another update immediately appeared saying something like failure to install this would prevent future updates installing.

  Pine Man 08:37 12 May 2009

..for the info so far.

I have even tried the standalone version of the file which also failed to install. I might try uninstalling IE8 and then reinstalling it and carrying out the updates.

  Pine Man 18:31 12 May 2009

I tried uninstalling IE8 and then reinstalling it - failure. I can't reload IE8 now!

Just spent two hours on the phone to Microsoft and they have failed!

They are now going to spend the night scratching their heads before ringing back tomorrow afternoon.

  mooly 19:17 12 May 2009

If you remember I couldn't get IE8 to load from the file correctly, and I too submitted a support request. Very helpful but ultimately no real answer as to why. In the end after hours of problems installing I went back to IE7 (Acronis) but when IE8 appeared on windows update I tried again and it was installed perfectly without problems.

  Pine Man 08:39 13 May 2009

I have just carried out a Windows Update check and five items are now ready to download BUT none of them will download and update. I am beginning to think it's more of a problem with Windows Update.

Let's see what Microsoft come up with when they ring back this afternoon.

  Pine Man 10:54 14 May 2009

Microsoft rang too late yesterday so they are going to ring again this afternoon and they promised to fix it!

  Pine Man 08:17 15 May 2009

It appears that my Vista SP1 installation is corrupt but, for some reason, it does not appear on the list of installed updates so cannot be uninstalled.

Microsoft suggest that this can be repaired by using a recent Vista Home Premium disk that already contains SP1 but my disk is two years old.

The alternative is a fresh installation or go without any Windows Updates!

I am now trying to beg, borrow or steal a Vista disk!

  Pine Man 10:37 19 May 2009

This clearly isn't an IE8 problem so I will tick as resolved and when I get Windows Update fixed I will post the result if it can be of use to others.

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