IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers confusion-to me anyway.

  Jjjitterbug 11:43 09 Nov 2016

Hi all, I have two hard drives , one IDE and the other is sata. In windows 10 i get the usual list of IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers , but Windows 7 shows 2, 0 channels , 2, 1 channels , 1, 3 channell , 1 4, channell and one 5 , channel. I also have a DVD drive. A screen shot to further explain my problem.

  Burn-it 17:35 09 Nov 2016

IDE ATA/ATAPI are all the same thing. Unless you are physically moving disks around - which I doubt - you don't need to know what type of drive they are. Just look in drive manager in windows and it will list the attached drives in there (it may also say what type and how attached). Just choose the drive you want to use.

  lotvic 17:55 09 Nov 2016

If you want to post a picture/screenshot you have to 'host' (upload) it first on an image website and then copy the link from that website into the 'image - insert picture' box on forum.

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