Icons change image on Taskbar

  KPC 22:35 29 Dec 2013

occasionally my shortcut icons change their image from the supplied image to a white page with a default image. what can be the problem and is there a way of using the snipping tool so i can post the image in a thread.

  lotvic 00:26 30 Dec 2013

You can't post an image pic into a thread on pca forum. You can put your pic on a hosting site like photobucket and then put the direct link on here for us to click on to see your image pic.

  KPC 10:02 30 Dec 2013

Ok, I will use photobucket and post the images, thanks for the info From everybody.

  KPC 10:19 30 Dec 2013
  KPC 10:21 30 Dec 2013
  KPC 10:23 30 Dec 2013

Sorry, the first link is after and the second link is before the icons changed.

  KPC 10:38 30 Dec 2013
  KPC 10:41 30 Dec 2013

can somebody just let me know that the links are showing before icons and after icons.


  lotvic 13:59 30 Dec 2013

Yep I see the album containing 2 images the Before ...and after

That is to do with Windows Explorer refreshing the desktop screen and then re-associating the shortcuts with the icons relevant to the program. (An icon of a notepad for Notepad program etc.)

How often and under what circumstances are you having a problem with it?

  KPC 23:07 30 Dec 2013

one day it will be the normal icon then the next day it changes to the blank icon. others last for weeks then change for a day then change again for a few days and so on. its very annoying because you pin it to the taskbar for ease of use and you have to hover the pointer over the icon to find out what it is.

  lotvic 00:04 31 Dec 2013

Hmmm, not sure what to suggest for that sort of intermittent behaviour.

You could try some of the suggestions on click here

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