Chas49 21:59 22 Jan 2008

You could, at one time, adjust the spacing of the desktop icons - is this possible in Vista? I've looked but can't find any help.

  anskyber 22:03 22 Jan 2008

Can you explain what you mean by adjust the spacing?

  sinbads 22:26 22 Jan 2008

rhgt click on desktop select veiw untick auto arrange and align to grid sorted

  Chas49 23:18 22 Jan 2008


Adjust the spacing:

The distance between one icon and the next, in older versions of windows, were adjustable (both vertically and horizontally) so that you could get the icons to lie closer together, enabling you to get more icons on screen if you so wished. Perhaps I should say that I have my laptop 'feeding' a 37" LCD T/V -so you can imagine how, in normal 'arranged' mode just how far apart the icons were.


Thanks, that's done the job, with those two items unticked and the icons rearranged to suit the problem should be solved. I shall know when I reboot the laptop tomortrtow - but I'm not expecting them to be moved - they wern't in XP.

  sinbads 23:31 22 Jan 2008

Glad your soted if you want to reduce the size left click on the desktop hold ctrl down then use the scroll button or + and - buttons

  Deanium 03:37 23 Jan 2008

If you're referring to adjusting the icon spacing (as previously found in the display properties "appearance" tab) yes you can. Right click on desktop and select "personalisation" (or go though control panel).

From here select "WIndow colour and appearance". n this page is a blue link to "open classic appearance properties for more colour options". Click this and you should see the familiar appearance settings. Here you can click the advanced button to change desktop icon spacing.

1.Open personalisation
2.Window colour and appearance
3.Open classic appearance properties

Dean :)

  Chas49 10:41 23 Jan 2008

sinbads & Dean: Thanks for that - it all goes to prove that you're never too old to learn - but whether you remember - well thast's another thing. So. to counter that I have printed this thread - er - now where did I put that printout 8-))

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