i7-4810MQ High CPU usage causing freezing

  elram95 19:41 22 Oct 2015

Hey, I have XMG P724 laptop(Clevo P370SM-A) with the following specifications:

I7-4810MQ 2.80-3.80GHz

GTX 970m SLI

24 GB ram(16GB 2133MHz HyperX Impact and 8GB 1866MHz HyperX Impact)

500GB Samsung 850EVO SSD, 1TB HGST 1TB HDD and 500GB Samsung 850EVO Msata)

Windows 10

So, i am getting 100% CPU usage and this causes very annoying mouse cursor lags, screen freezing and weird sound like "Diiiiiiit". I am using razer external keyboard(cuz i have broken my keyboard connector) and razer mouse, and therefore using razer synapse 2.0 which can utilize high percentage of CPU. But, even after closing razer synapse i still get this annoying issue. My subwoofer is also damaged, but i use "Bass redirection" and "subwoofer gain" from sound blaster and razer surround sound pro. I applied arctic-silver mx-4 and this probably started to happen after that and i removed and applied mx-4 again, but issue still persists(maybe i again applied it wrong), but i am not sure if thermal paste can cause such a problem. It happens both when on battery and plugged in and both while doing simple tasks and while playing games on 4k. The laptop is new, i bought it less than month ago and overclocked only GPUs, but i stopped overclocking after getting this issue, but it still happens without any overclocking. CPU can be utilized by only 10% while playing games, but can suddenly go up to 100% usage while doing simple tasks. CPU temperature reaches 90+ degree while playing demanding games, such as BF4 at 4k ultra. However GPU temperature do not usually exceed 70 degree Celcius. If you can spot why this happens or suggest any other reason and possible solution i would really appreciate that. Thanks in advance!

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