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I would like to make a system image of my windows

  roger.roger 14:53 05 Feb 2020

7 hard drive.

I recently tried to upgrade to windows 10 but had nothing but problems. The computer would hang for up to a minute and it would put a 99% strain on the cpu. This would happen randomly and every couple of minutes. I upgraded with all my files and programs, so i firstly updated all my hardware drivers and this made no difference. I then selected each program one by one and deleted them. This made no difference. I then in turn disabled my lan, wlan ando difference sound card and no difference. I searched event view but with little success. The problem seemed to by system interrupts. Anyway I thought I would revert back to 7 , the OS i had used for 6 years but no good. The wind back failed and the windows system image I created also failed so I did a fresh install and I always have a couple of back ups of all my files. Windows 7 flew so fast it was great. Anyway back to the request.

Can someone, please,recommend a software program that works for windows 7, that will give me a system image I can use in case of failure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:42 05 Feb 2020
  alanrwood 10:15 06 Feb 2020

+1 with FB above.

  roger.roger 11:05 06 Feb 2020

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/. I will give that a go.

Although it is easy to reinstall, i do not know how long the windows previous updates would be available from Microsoft. So it would be better just to have an image I can revert back to and save future increments onto a usb stick. I must admit that I have had the laptop for 6 years and my son 5 years before that and in that time it has only had windows reinstalled after I took ownership. We wiped the ssd drive and started again. In that 11 years it has never faulted till I tried windows 10. I doubt it will go belly up again but belt and braces are always a reassuring thought.

If it is any help to anyone in the future, I eventually found the reason why the system interrupts occurred and why it would not run 10. Some of the first generation intel i3 chips have a problem with windows 10 operating system. it is the operating system that is queering the cpu and that gives the hang.

At present the machine is spot on, all updates done and now I will image the system.

I will green tick and say thanks again.

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