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I want help (about windows and llaptop)

  Kzs911 08:38 21 Jan 2020

I want help! I have a laptop with windows 10: Sadly it’s so slow and I wanna change. My question is: I wanna change HDD to SSD but I don’t know what kind fit in it. I had never used SSD. 128 or 256gb.The other stuff is the RAM, 8 or 16gb? I don’t wanna play, I have console for playing. 8gb is enough for Windows 10 and other pogams or I need 16gb?

  wee eddie 09:36 21 Jan 2020

Basically, it is the Processor that controls a PC's speed.

Changing the storage to an SSD will speed Start-up and the loading of Programs but is unlikely to make any difference to the operating speed of the PC

  Gordon Freeman 15:11 21 Jan 2020

I've done this on a couple of laptops, & it's generally start up & loading of programs where you notice significant difference, like eddie says, and for me, this is where you actually want speed, so imho replacing the HDD with SSD would make a difference to your laptop experience.

I'd recommend a samsung evo SSD (I went for 1tb): 8gb RAM should suffice for normal office/surfing type of stuff. Worth checking if you can actually fit additional RAM.

Replacing HDD with SSD is pretty straight forward. Samsung comes with relevant cloning software (Samsung Magician), but you'll need a lead to plug into the USB port for the old HDD, which then connects to the new SSD. Then once cloning is complete, simply remove HDD and fit newly cloned SSD.

  Gordon Freeman 15:15 21 Jan 2020

Forgot links:

SSD Amazon

Lead Amazon

  Secret-Squirrel 09:08 22 Jan 2020

Sadly it’s so slow ............ I wanna change HDD to SSD

Have you used Task Manager and/or Resource Monitor to determine the cause of the laptop's poor performance? If the slow down is caused by an overactive CPU or insufficient RAM then upgrading the drive is unlikely to improve things.

  qwbos 11:31 22 Jan 2020

What is the laptop spec? What is enabled in Start-up? How full is the HDD? Is the CPU overheating?

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