I unchecked "Load System Services" in windows 10

  Ali85 12:56 07 Jul 2018

Hello everybody... I need serious help. Just messed up my PC settings. Here's the details:

using Windows 10 Pro and i just wented to Clean Boot my PC. so i go to the system configuration ➡️ click here and in General section, select the "selective startup" and unchecked "Load System Services" & "Load startup items" ➡️ click here, select apply and pop-up shows that says need to restart the PC; and i click on Restart ➡️ click here it been Restarted, Windows stuck before login screen and cannot going any further. I cannot do anything in this screen except restart or shut down; and here's this screen ➡️ click here can i do now? Can anyone help me please??

  Ali85 13:01 07 Jul 2018

What can i do now ?

  [DELETED] 14:38 07 Jul 2018

On the lock screen click on the power button, press and hold the Shift key and click on restart. Should get you to the advanced option screen to select troubleshooting.

  Ali85 18:39 07 Jul 2018

@rdave13 thanks for reply; but it's not working. Shift+Restart works on login screen. I can't access to login screen):

  [DELETED] 20:04 07 Jul 2018

Try pressing the power button as Windows loads to force a shutdown. Before the lock screen appears. Might have to try up to five times. That should take you to Windows auto repairing itself. Hopefully.

  [DELETED] 20:11 07 Jul 2018

One of your links shows the power button on the lock screen?

  Ali85 22:03 07 Jul 2018

Thanks a lot @rdave13... (:

Your instruction really works. I power off then Immediately push the start button and power off again. Doing this more than 5 times; then it shows "please wait" at the start of Windows loading and after that i access to "Advanced boot Options" and start the Windows in safe mode...

Now, my PC completely working without any problem (((:

I owe you man, thank you again

  [DELETED] 22:12 07 Jul 2018

Ali85 thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. Goes a long way to help others in a similar situation and in need of help from these forums.

Great to know you're up and running again. Thumbs up.

  Ali85 22:17 07 Jul 2018

Thanks mate...

I never mess up with system configuration settings again! =)

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